The Internet-Client service enables clients to manage their accounts and conduct banking transactions using the bank's website. All directories and documents are located on the bank’s server, so clients can manage their accounts from any computer that has internet access. You can connect to the Internet-Client service yourself. Bank employees will provide any support that you may need in the process. We use state-of-the-art information protection software to provide secure online data transmission. The only thing clients need to do is install an information encryption application on their computers.

Electronic protection

To guarantee integrity and confidentiality, all transmitted documents are digitally signed by authorised officials and encrypted using certified encryption engines. Companies are responsible for drafting the list of staff authorised to operate the remote banking system. For security reasons, we have developed a flexible scheme for assigning user access rights. A digitally signed electronic document has the same legal force as a paper document signed by an authorised person and certified with a corporate seal. The system allows users to create keys and digital signature certificates and issues alerts when they are about to expire. The use of certified information encryption engines and antivirus software protects transmitted data from theft and unauthorised access.