Electronic Banking


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B2B e-document flow



VTB Bank: Your cash manager
With online banking clients can carry out electronic transactions directly from the office. Electronic banking allows clients to:
  • create payment documents, such as payment orders, bank transfer requests, currency purchase or sale requests, currency conversion orders or direct debit orders to withdraw funds from transit accounts
  • create foreign exchange control documents, such as transaction certificates for contracts or loan agreements, currency control forms, foreign exchange receipts and supporting documents, and applications for cancellation or transfer of transaction certificates
  • create deposit documents, such as deposit applications, deposit renewal requests, notices of consent to a deposit placement or renewal
  • carry out lending transactions, letter of credit processing or deposit operations using free-form documents
For customer convenience, the electronic banking system provides the ability to track documents sent, search for documents within a specific time period, receive account statements and exchange free-form messages with the bank. Clients also have access to various directories.