Placement of funds on current account

VTB bank calculates and pays interest on the average monthly and minimum required balance of your account.

The minimum initial deposit is RUB 2 million.

There is no maximum limit.

The minimum required average monthly balance must be maintained for six months.

Interest rates depend on the average monthly balance and the daily balance of your account. Interest is paid on a monthly basis, on the last working day of each month. If the required average monthly balance is not maintained, interest for an incomplete calendar month is paid at an agreed regular bank account rate.

The minimum required balance is similar to a deposit in a settlement account. Interest on the minimum required balance in Russian rubles/ US dollars/ euros is imputed and paid only if the amount is maintained in this account for the entire term specified.

Minimum initial amount: RUB 500,000 / US$/€ 15,000

Maximum amount: none.

The period for maintaining the minimum required balance can be fixed from 1 to 365 days. Interest: fixed rate depending on the amount of the minimum required balance and the period in which it must be maintained.

Interest payment: one-time payment on the day following the end of the minimum required balance period. If the minimum required balance is not maintained, interest is paid at the agreed regular bank account rate.

Customers can sign several minimum required balance deals valid on the same date. Deals can be concluded using traditional paper forms or through one of our paperless options – our remote banking system or VTB’s secure email system.