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Cash pooling

Cash pooling is an effective means of managing intragroup liquidity by consolidating funds into a single Master Account, and financing all group accounts to ensure payments to all pool participants

Types of services


Automatic transfer of the free balance of funds from the accounts of subsidiaries to the Master Account of the Head company


Automatic transfer of funds from the Master Account of the Head company to the accounts of subsidiaries in order to ensure the execution of their payments in case of insufficient own funds and to maintain the balance


Algorithm for group of companies
  1. During the operational day subsidiary offices perform their payments with their own funds
    • In case of insufficient funds transfers are made by using Master Account funds and the overdraft limit formed on the Master Account (example: company 3)
  2. The Bank automatically debits funds from subsidiary s account to the Master Account of the Head company (the schedule is formed by the Client)
    • The debit is made from accounts of companies with positive balances (example: companies 1 and 2)
    • The purpose of the payment is filled in automatically in payment orders
Why VTB:
  • Quick and efficient automated distribution of cash flows within the group
  • Reduced financial costs (including the cost and size of external borrowings)
  • Automated analysis of the viability of debit transactions
  • Automated generation of payment documents and transfers

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