Acquiring services

Merchant acquiring services

VTB offers merchant acquiring services to retail and service businesses allowing them to accept Visa International, MasterCard International, MasterCard Worldwide, China UnionPay, American Express and JCB cards for payment for goods and services.

Key advantages

  • broadening your client base by increasing the number of cardholders and expanding business volume as a result;
  • improving customer service by providing customers with a convenient payment method and cutting time involved in payment processing;
  • reducing costs and risks associated with cash collection, bank-note counting and cash storage;
  • free training and advice for clients’ staff on issues related to bank-card acceptance;
  • providing equipment, software and consumables required for payment transactions;
  • prompt reimbursement within two business days following the date of provision of the transaction-relatedpayment information to the bank;
  • 24/7 telephone support.

VTB Bank offers solutions for:

For situations where clients pay for goods and services at the point of sale. The product is designed for use by supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, beauty salons, petrol stations and other businesses.

Book a hotel room by phone or fax and pay when checking out. Payments are guaranteed even if the client has left without paying for services in full. The product is designed for use by hotels, resorts and travel agencies.

Book a vehicle by phone or fax, make car rental payments, cover the costs involved in repairing a rented car if it has sustained damage during the rental period, pay fines, etc. Clients’ cards can be debited in the absence of the client in accordance with the rental agreement. The product is designed for use by car rental agencies and hotels providing car rental services.

Used by retail and service businesses that sell goods and services ordered by mail or fax. The product is designed for use by mail order companies, florists and other businesses.

To make regular payments for goods and services, usually for a specific period of time. The product is designed for use by mobile operators, cable TV companies, internet service providers and other businesses.

The Multi-merchant system allows several goods or services providers to make payments through a single terminal. Payments are deposited into the account of a specified organisation, which also receives transaction reports.

This product is designed for companies with small sales volumes that operate within the same space and want to be able to offer customers the option to pay by card, but find it inconvenient to maintain their own bank terminal.

Internet acquiring

Online retail is a fast-growing segment of the market. Paying online by bank card is the easiest and most convenient way to pay for online purchases. Using VTB Bank’s Internet acquiring service, online stores have financial guarantees and get immediate credit to their accounts, while buyers can pay directly for their purchases with Visa International or MasterCard Worldwide, without having to visit a bank office to make a transfer.

Our staff are ready to consult on this service at any time and discuss every aspect of adding and maintaining this online payment service.


  • expand potential clientele by adding customers who prefer paying online;
  • fast credit to the seller’s account;
  • enhanced transaction security with 3D Secure.