Complex loan products and consultancy services

In addition to conventional corporate lending, VTB Group offers large- and medium-sized business complex loan products, such as structured repo deals, investment and project financing, debt and shared financing, consultancy services on structuring investment projects and securing direct institutional investments and investments from Russian and foreign private banks, as well as precious metals loans, and loans secured by VTB Bank promissory notes.

Investment financing includes:

  • M&A financing deals;
  • Deals with participation shares in the capital of the borrower’s group;
  • Subordinated loan deals;
  • Deals with embedded derivatives;
  • Deals in which loans must be repaid through an investment banking transaction such as a share issue, a bond issue, or an asset sale;

Precious metals lending

VTB Bank offers precious metals loans such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium – either physical or as certificates to industrial consumers and production companies for use in their current operations.

Loans secured with VTB Bank promissory notes

VTB Bank offers financing in rubles or foreign currency against the security of VTB promissory notes, which are transferred with the pledging endorsement.