Credit lines

VTB Bank offers revolving and non-revolving credit lines in rubles and foreign currency. The client has a choice of terms and conditions for setting the interest rate:

  • a fixed/floating interest rate for the entire term of the facility;
  • a fixed interest rate set specifically for each deal within the credit line.

The credit limit is determined by evaluating the client's creditworthiness and legal capability, its credit history with the bank, and the specifics of the project to be financed. Having accounts and a positive credit record with VTB Bank (if any) is certainly an advantage.

The bank accepts the following security for its loans:

  • Collateral of property, fixed assets, goods and equipment, or equity rights;
  • Collateral of liquid securities from Russian and foreign issuers;
  • Debt liabilities of the borrower’s counterparts, or other assets.

The security amount should cover the loan principal with interest attributable to the bank, as well as the bank’s potential costs incurred from the forced sale of the collateral.