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Custody Services

VTB is one of Russia’s largest custodian banks and provides a full range and related services for all types of securities.

Custody Services

VTB is one of Russia’s largest custodian banks and provides a full range and related services for all types of securities.

About Custody Services

Key Performance Indicators for VTB Custody

  • Volume of assets under VTB Bank’s custody is over USD 34 billion
  • VTB Custody serves over 1000 custody clients and 1000 000 broker clients, including Russian and foreign banks, global custodians, brokers and individuals
  • VTB Bank is a Russian custodian for The Bank of New York Mellon and Deutsche bank Trust Companies Americas for programs of global and US depositary receipts

Compliance with international standards

VTB Bank achieved the highest results

In the 2020 Agent Banks in Emerging Markets survey by Global Custodian magazine, VTB Bank achieved the highest results in all eleven categories of the Survey and was awarded by Global Outperformer badge, designed to recognize and promote genuinely superior performance among different service providers.


Competitive advantages of the Custody Services

  • State ownership guarantees the financial stability of the organisation. Increased state control ensures constant monitoring of the bank’s compliance with current legislation
  • Historically, the majority of companies operating in the Russian securities market hold custody accounts with VTB Bank, creating favourable conditions for internal settlements within VTB Bank
  • Diversification of the custodian client base: the share of any one client never exceeds 15% of the total assets under custody
  • Membership of VTB Group provides Custody clients with direct access to the broadest range of financial services provided by VTB Group

Types of Custody Services

ADR/GDR programs

Individual client accounts with international clearing houses

Custody Services

Custody News


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VTB licence
  • General Licence of the Bank of Russia No. 1000
  • Licence from the Federal Service for Financial Markets of 25 March 2003 for: depository (custody) activity No. 040 06497-000100
Correspondent accounts


Correspondent securities account with Euroclear


Correspondent securities account with Clearstream Banking S.A.


Correspondent securities account with Citibank N.A. New York
Account details in NSD
Correspondent securities account with NSD
Trading accounts
Nominee trading account with NSD for clearing in NCC
The address
Tower “West” of office complex “Federation” Presnenskaya naberezhnaya, 12, Moscow
Custody reception
+7 (495) 783-13-75
+7 (495) 783-13-89
For Broker’s Clients
To Broker’s Clients (clients being serviced under brokerage agreement with VTB, including those formerly serviced by VTB 24):
+7 (495) 980-46-86
+7 (495) 797-93-48
+8 (800) 333-24-24 (add.1)
Russia toll free