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VTB Bank of Moscow
Bank of Moscow has been reorganised following the merger with VTB Bank. VTB Bank will honour all obligations previously entered into by the Bank of Moscow, and will provide you with the highest level of customer service.

VTB 24 is a key figure on the Russian banking services market. The Bank focuses on banking services for individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses, offering its customers basic services typical of international financial activity.
8 (800) 100-24-24, (495) 777-24-24

“VTB Bank (Armenia)” CJSC
VTB Bank (Armenia) is a member of international financial Group VTB since April 2004. The bank traditionally ranks among the leaders of the banking system of RA in a number of key indicators.

CJSC VTB Bank (Belarus)
VTB Bank (Belarus) has been operating in the banking services market of Belarus since 1996. The Bank is a universal lending and financial institution providing a full range of services to individuals and corporates. The bank joins the top 10 major banks of Belarus.

Subsidiary JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)
Sub-office JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) is a multi-purpose bank providing each customer with a full spectrum of modern bank products and services. The Bank has a number of unique advantages in servicing corporate customers, i.e., wide capacities to finance large projects and offer customer-tailored fees and commissions.

OJSC VTB Bank (Azerbaijan)
Official opening of VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) was held on November 23, 2009. VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) offers a wide range of internationally accepted banking practice services.

VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG
The Bank was founded in 1971 in Frankfurt-on-the-Main to perform foreign-trade operations between the USSR and Germany. Since December 2005, VTB has acquired the majority interest of VTB Bank (Deutschland). The bank cooperates tightly with corporate customers from West European countries and Russia (CIS countries), as well as bank institutions in Russia and other CIS countries. The products offered include euro clearing, as well as trade and structured finance.

VTB Bank (France) SA
The bank was founded on January 21, 1921 in Paris to handle foreign trade operations between the USSR and France. Since 2005, the bank has been a member of VTB Group. VTB Bank (France) SA offers a wide range of services for the following types of bank operations: structured finance, finance for export and import operations, documentary operations, credits against guaranties of insurance companies, and trade finance.
+33 1 40 06 43 21

VTB Bank (Austria) AG
The Bank was founded in 1974. VTB Bank (Austria) AG is the parent bank for operating VTB subsidiaries (VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG and VTB Bank (France) SA) located in continental Europe. The Bank focuses on services for large and medium corporate customers in Russia and the CIS, performing structured trade finance operations, documentary operations, and participating in syndicated lending.

JSC "VTB Bank (Georgia)"
JSC VTB Bank (Georgia) is universal banking institution that offers its customers the full range of the modern commercial banking products. Since 2005, JSC VTB Bank (Georgia) is member of VTB Group.
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