VTB launches new VTB Online app


VTB has launched a new mobile banking service for its customers. VTB Online has now become 2 times faster, the maximum capacity has increased 3 times, and some services are now available to users even during maintenance work. The app’s design has been completely updated and 50 new features have been added, including cash withdrawals at ATMs without a card, batch payment of bills, main screen customization, and the ability to “hide” the balance. By the end of 2022, the bank plans to increase the number of active users on VTB Online by 1.5 times — up to 15 million customers.

The new VTB Online now works twice as fast. The input speed has increased by 2 times and is now only 2-3 seconds, and the response time of interfaces has been reduced by 10 times. The speed of payments and transfers has also doubled. The transition between sections is now instant, within 1 second. End-to-end app search was also implemented, and the “Notifications” section was changed. Now customers can sort messages into receipts, debits, and offers from the bank.

The maximum capacity of VTB Online has increased by 3 times. Currently, the app can handle up to 130,000 people per minute, and in the future-up to 400,000 simultaneous sessions. Now the application runs on a microservice architecture, which minimizes the possibility of abnormal situations. At the same time, card and account balances are always available to customers — now they can be checked even during technical work. Users no longer need to wait for all services to load when they log in — they will immediately see the main screen with the last saved data.

The app has become even more secure for customers. Additional protection against social engineering has been introduced, control over remote management of clients’ devices has been expanded, and phishing detection and blocking occurs now in record time — within the first 24 hours. In addition, users can protect access to the application — the number of available characters for setting a password has been doubled, from 4 to 8.

VTB Online has added 50 new features. Customers will be able to withdraw money from VTB ATMs without a card using a QR code (the functionality will be available in the app by the end of November). Traffic police fines are now available with a photo and location of the violation. If a customer receives several invoices for payment, they can select the necessary ones and pay them all together at one time. Users will be able to view all their spending by category, create savings goals, transfer currency to other VTB clients, issue a digital credit card, and much more.

The new VTB Online functionality allows blind or visually impaired clients to work with the app. In VTB Online, they can independently register and log in, as well as fully perform most transfers and payments.

The design of the mobile bank has been completely updated and has become minimalistic. Customers now have the ability to customize the home screen themselves: they will be able to choose how cards and invoices will be displayed-in a list or in the form of a familiar “carousel”. An important addition is the ability to hide information about your accounts from strangers if the client is in a public space.

“The launch of the new VTB Online is not only a change in the user interface, with the upgrade and introduction of many new features, but also a large-scale technological reboot ‘under the hood’. We replaced the old legacy systems and switched to a new microservice Omni-channel platform. This is the foundation that will allow us to accelerate the development and implementation of new products and services many times over, ” comments Vadim Kulik, Deputy President and Chairman of the VTB Management Board.

“The mobile app is a key service of any modern bank and the main channel for its sales and service. The number of VTB Online users already exceeds 9.5 million people, which is more than 70% of all active VTB customers, one of the highest penetration rates in Russia and the world. Our team has completely redesigned the app, making it easy and intuitive, and added unique and useful features, significantly improving speed, performance, and reliability. By 2022, VTB plans to move all products and services for individuals online. We expect to become the most convenient mobile app on the market, enter the top three in terms of quality and serve 15 million customers, ” said Nikita Chugunov, Head of the Digital Business Department and Senior Vice President of VTB.

The new VTB Online will be available for all iOS users from November 17, and for all Android users from November 20.