VTB launches new payroll system for employees on the SAP HANA in-memory platform


VTB has launched a new payroll calculation system for more than 50 thousand employees as part of a new HR management system on the SAP HANA platform, which allows the calculation processes to be sped up by 5 times. This is one of the largest personnel management automation projects in Russia.

The SAP HANA platform uses in-memory technology that allow large amounts of data to be processed in real time and significantly increases the speed of calculations. The implementation of the platform will allow the decommissioning of two legacy IT HR accounting systems with different processes.

Currently, the bank has completed the first stage, in which IT modules of the payroll system, personnel administration, planning and time management have been implemented.

“The digital payroll solution based on the SAP HANA platform will allow the load on staff to be significantly reduced by automating mandatory routine processes. Additionally, the new system improves the accuracy and correctness of calculations. It allows operational calculations to be performed based on primary data from automated modules,as well as simplifies the procedures for collecting and processing data for payroll and mandatory reporting. As a result, the implementation of this solution allows us to reduce costs and operational risks and optimize labor costs, and our specialists will also have time to solve more complex tasks,” said Mikhail Kovalenko, Chief Accountant of VTB.

“The successful launch of the HR process automation project at VTB Bank was an important step in the development of our companies’ strategic partnership. This is the largest project to implement such functionality on the SAP HANA platform in Russia. I would like to note the professionalism of our colleagues from VTB, thanks to whom the project was in line with the best architectural recommendations from SAP. The chosen approach will help to unlock the full potential of SAP solutions in the field of personnel management automation, ” commented Andrey Filatov, CEO of SAP CIS.

Nikita Rybchenko, Head of the Department of Technological Development of General Banking Systems, VTB Vice President, said: “This is a unique platform implementation in terms of the scale and complexity of integration into the bank’s architecture. We have managed to significantly improve the efficiency of HR management processes and the functionality of the SAP HANA platform will continue to expand in the future. I think that VTB’s digital transformation is proceeding at an accelerated pace thanks to projects of this level.”