VTB has patented data verification technology for distributed microservice systems


VTB group has received a patent for a mechanism developed by the bank’s specialists for validating complex data structures in a microservice architecture. This solution reduces the cost and complexity of checking the correctness of data that is either filled in by a user or transmitted to the system via the interface.

The algorithm allows checks of varying complexity to be performed ranging from the allowed length or the presence of numbers and letters to monitoring the simultaneous fulfilment of several necessary conditions, checks by reference books, and so on.

Such checks will be performed both on the user’s side, for example, in the client’s browser, and on the side of the server that provides data verification and processing. The solution allows each team developing a specific microservice to create and apply its own rules for validating data that falls into automated systems at the appropriate time.

The patent solves the problem of consistent data control in complex distributed systems consisting of hundreds of microservices, and provides significant cost savings and consistency of controls in each of the system components.

“One of the goals of the VTB’s digital transformation strategy is to build an advanced operational and technological platform based on a next-generation microservice IT architecture. Obtaining this patent is another step towards creating competitive advantages for VTB Group in terms of the speed of implementing technological solutions and launching new services to the market.” commented Vadim Kulik, Deputy President and Chairman of the VTB Management Board.