Irrico Group to supply potatoes for Lay’s chips


Irrico Group of Companies (part of the VTB Group) has signed a contract with Frito Lay Manufacturing LLC (part of PepsiCo) for the supply of Stavropol potatoes used in the production of Lay’s chips.

Irrico grows potatoes using advanced, potato-growing technology that is adapted to the characteristics of the region and meets international standards. The use of a modern irrigation system allows you to get a quality crop in the south of Russia, in the Stavropol region, in the summer. Deliveries of early potatoes will begin at the end of June this year. A modern high-tech vegetable storehouse, together with a high level of staff expertise, allows for long-term storage of potatoes in the winter-spring period and deliveries until the end of June next year.

"We’ve grown specialized varieties of potato chips for the manufacture of Lay’s chips in accordance with the strict quality standards of PepsiCo. Our advanced agricultural technologies and a modern irrigation system make it possible to start deliveries as early asJune, which is much ahead of the time for harvesting for most agricultural producers in central Russia, “said Victoria Askhabalieva, Commercial Director of IrricoGroup of Companies.

Alexander Kostikov, Communications Director, PepsiCo in Russia: “All Lay’s chips that we sell in Russia are made exclusively from potatoes grown in Russia. For chips, special types of potatoes are needed. We make very high demands both on the quality of the potatoes and on the working principles of our agricultural suppliers. Inclusion of potato suppliers for Lay’s in the pool is a kind of ‘quality mark’ for the farmer, confirming compliance with world production standards.”

PepsiCo is the largest industrial potato processor in Russia. Every year, the company purchases more than 350 thousand tons of potatoes from local suppliers. In order to localize the raw material base in Russia, back in 1996 the company launched a program to support potato suppliers. As part of the program, potato farms are provided with high-quality planting material, and farmers receive ongoing assistance and expert adviceand participate in workshops to exchange knowledge. Thanks to the program, PepsiCo was able today to fully provide itself with high-quality raw materials in the required volume.

This year, Irrico plans to collect more than 50 thousand tons of potatoes, a third of which will be delivered to several large processing plants of international and domestic companies producing chips, french fries, potato wedges, starch and cereal.


The company ‘Irrico’ - one of the largest farms engaged in the development of advanced agricultural technologies using a modern irrigation system in the south of Russia, is part of VTB Group. Today, on an area of ​​1,500 hectares, the company is engaged in the cultivation of food potatoes for retail chains and specialized varieties for the preparation of chips, frenchfries, potato wedges.

PepsiCo is Russia’s largest food and beverage producer *. The company’s central and regional offices and its many production facilities employ over 20,000 employees.

Today, PepsiCo is one of the leading manufacturers in the segments of carbonated, non-carbonated and energy drinks with the brands Pepsi®, 7UP®, Mirinda®, Adrenaline Rush®, Russian Gift, etc., in the market of chips and snacks (Lay’s®, Cheetos®, “KhrusTeam”), in the segment of juices and nectars (“I”, “Orchard”, J7®, “Beloved”, etc.), in the dairy market (“Village House”, “Merry Milkman”, Miracle, BioMax®, Imunele), and baby food (Agusha and Miracle Kids), as well as in the bottled water segment (Aqua Mineral, Springs of Russia).

PepsiCo is Russia’s largest industrial potato processor and one of the largest raw milk processors. The company invests heavily in implementing programs aimed at improving the performance of suppliers of potatoes and milk, improving quality and ensuring the growth of supplies of raw materials.

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* According to the rating of the largest companies in terms of sales of products of the rating agency Expert RA RAEX-600-2018