Dmitry Pyanov elected to VTB’s Management Board


Dmitry Pyanov joined VTB in 2010. He is currently Head of Financial Department, Senior Vice President.

As a Board member, Dmitry Pyanov will oversee the Finance Department, which includes Treasury, Business Planning, Investor Relations, Expense and Efficiency Management, as well as International and Management reporting. Dmitry Pyanov will continue to report to Dmitry Olyunin, the First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board.

Dmitry Pyanov’s appointment will further strengthen Group’s efforts to enhance its operational and business efficiency.


Dmitry Pyanov was born on 7 December 1977. He graduated from Omsk State University and joined VTB Group in 2010 as Senior Vice President of the Financial Department. Before VTB, he worked in senior executive positions at a number of major credit institutions.