Mission, Vision, Values

Mission 1

We help people to make their plans a reality by creating the best financial solutions.

We are a team of professionals, working for the benefit of our customers and the country as a whole.

Vision 2

A universal financial group that is developing both dynamically and sustainably, one that is focused on being the first-choice financial partner for its customers, and which provides the most convenient and cutting edge solutions to their needs.

Values 3

We value our customers

  • We put our customer needs first
  • We trust our customers and strive to earn their trust
  • We listen to our customers and act upon their feedback

We work as a team

  • We respect and trust each other
  • We support each other and help our colleagues grow
  • We achieve common goals

We are responsible for our results

  • We are result-, not process-oriented
  • Each of us is responsible for our contribution to the common goals
  • We openly discuss our successes and failures

We are proactive

  • We are not indifferent to what we are doing
  • We contribute proactively when dealing with shared tasks
  • We go beyond our formal duties

We continuously improve our performance

  • We are open to change
  • We start change with ourselves
  • We have no fear to experiment

1 Mission is the purpose or the most important aim of an organization.

2 Vision is the way the organization should develop to realize its mission and how it should look in the future.

3 Values are the common for all the employees everyday norms and behavior principles.