Supervisory council

VTB’s Supervisory Council acts under applicable Russian law, the Bank’s Charter, the Regulation on the Supervisory Council and other VTB Bank by-laws. The Supervisory Council decides on general matters, including the Bank’s development strategy, except for those falling within the terms of reference of the General Shareholders Meeting under applicable Russian law and the Charter.

The members of the Supervisory Council were elected during the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on June 30, 2021.

Meetings of the Supervisory Council are held on a scheduled basis, although, if necessary, they may be held outside of the schedule. The format of each Supervisory Council is determined in accordance with the Bank’s Charter and based on the importance of its agenda. The most significant matters are brought up at in-person meetings.

The Supervisory Council’s schedule is compiled for the period between AGMs and is approved by the Council. Meetings are scheduled in advance based on the Bank’s business cycle and may be held in person or through absentee voting. Any member unable to attend a meeting can still participate via videoconference (including voting on agenda items); they can also submit a written opinion on agenda items.

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Information about the activities of the Supervisory Council 2020
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Participation of members of the Supervisory Council in meetings
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