Specialised Depository

We provide a full package of services for mutual fund management companies

VTB provides a comprehensive range of services to mutual fund management companies:

  • Providing specialised depository services;
  • Maintaining registries of the holders of mutual fund units;
  • Acting as an agent entitled to issue, redeem and exchange mutual fund units.

Benefits and advantages of VTB’s comprehensive services:

  • VTB is one of Russia’s largest top tier banks;
  • VTB supports asset management companies from the drafting of their mutual fund prospectus by appointing a personal fund manager;
  • The asset management company works with the mutual fund through a single agent, VTB, which keeps costs down, streamlines document flow and minimises mutual-fund-related risks;
  • VTB provides bank services to asset management companies, funds and holders of mutual fund units, as well as broker and agency services, thereby reducing transaction processing times;
  • The asset management company works with VTB using an e-document management system, a single software solution for all services, including for special depository clearance to dispose of mutual fund assets;
  • A dedicated software solution is available to automate special depository, special registrar and agent operations;
  • End-to-end automation (receiving bids – making an entry in the registry) to streamline mutual fund unit issuance and NAV calculation.

VTB uses BS-Client and other e-document workflow solutions in banking, special depository, registration and agency services.

Domestic Fund services

General information about Specialized Depository

Specialized Depository is a separate unit within the Custody department. It offers the services for all kinds of mutual funds.

The licenses:

  • License to conduct an activity of a specialized depository of investment funds, unit investment trusts and private pension funds. Date of issuance - October 04, 2000. Number - 22-000-0-00011. Issuer – FSFM.
  • License of the professional participant of the securities market to conduct custody activity. Date of issuance – March 25, 2003. Number - 178-06497-000100. Issuer – FSFM.