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VTB fee and commission policy

VTB Bank’s fee and commission policy, along with its interest rate policy, is part of the bank’s pricing policy aimed at:
  • strengthening the bank’s competitive advantages on the market in accordance with its strategic priorities and current objectives;
  • creating favourable conditions for the bank’s clients;
  • ongoing efficiency improvements of the bank’s operations.
The bank’s policy includes setting the following fee and commission tariffs for its services: the basic plan (applicable at all VTB branches and operation offices); regional plans (applicable in specific regions); and individual plans (applicable to individual clients).
A full list of fees and commissions applicable in a region is available in a Regional Fee and Commission Booklet. This section contains a downloadable Booklet of VTB Services Fees and Commissions Charged in Moscow and the Moscow Region. For information on other regional plans, please contact the local VTB branch or office.

VTB interest rate policy basics

VTB Bank’s interest rate policy, along with its fee and commission policy, is part of the bank’s pricing policy aimed at:
  • maintaining stable profitability of the bank’s products involving interest income or costs;
  • effectively managing the bank’s own and borrowed resources;
  • consistent business development.
The bank’s policy includes setting the interest rates on borrowed financial resources as well as the basic (minimum) loan interest rates adjusted for the risk factors as well as for additional returns from providing other banking services to the client.

Corporate loan rates

The basic interest rates for companies are determined in three currencies, the rouble, the US dollar and the euro, and depend on the loan’s maturity period and on the borrower’s category, which is defined in accordance with the bank’s established procedure.
Loans denominated in a foreign currency with a maturity of 181–365 days can be issued at fixed or floating interest rates, pegged to forward LIBOR rates. Foreign currency loans with a maturity exceeding 365 days are issued at floating interest rates.
Fee schedule (Moscow and the Moscow Region)