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View Point. Andrey Kostin

Andrey Kostin

Andrey Kostin

President and Chairman of VTB Bank Management Board, Member of the Supervisory Council, Chairman of the Strategy and Corporate Governance Committee
  • «I am quite sure all the external debt will be paid by Russian companies. The central bank will help other private Russian companies with hard currency. We feel that Russian reserves allow Russian companies to repay the debt».

    21 January 2015 Bloomberg

  • «Russia joined WTO and we are now more open to the world. And there are a lot of opportunities for investors. But of course we have the problem of what we call long money. We don’t have the developed system of pension funds, of insurance companies’ investments. So, from this point of view, we do need foreign investments. And, I think, that the government has introduced many years ago already one of the most liberal currency regimes among all the BRICS countries for example. But, I agree, the key factor now is to create proper investment climate and to bring more investment from all parts of the world».

    1 October 2013 CNBC

  • «My advice has always been to invest money in Russia, and the Far East in particular, because it’s very rich in natural resources and in human resources. I hope in the future there will be better transportation system in those remote regions of Siberia and the Far East, with an easier transport access to the Pacific».

    11 September 2012 Russia Today

  • «We have to accept that the word ‘volatility’ has become a part of our life. Of course, the world economy is passing the period of the cycle, and we expect that the next 2-3 years will be quite difficult for the global economy, and would not be very easy for the Russian one ».

    5 September 2012 Russia Today

  • «For Russia, I think, it’s absolutely vital to put our focus on the Asian side. There is huge potential in resources, in energy, in global cooperation with neighboring countries like China, South Korea, Japan».

    5 September 2012 Russia Today

  • «We delivered solid results with a strong ROE of 15% for the first three months of 2012. Having grown substantially over the past few years, we are now focused on extracting value from VTB's unique franchise by optimizing our asset base, further strengthening risk management policies and improving our operational efficiency».

    6 July 2012 Press release

  • «In 2012 we expect Bank of Moscow to post at least 20 billion roubles in net profit and to raise it to 35 to 40 billion roubles annually in coming years».

    13 June 2012 Reuters

  • «At the moment we have no further plans for acquisitions in Russia or outside Russia. We completely fulfilled our plan. One of the reasons is that we don't have excess capital. We should have some safety pillow as everybody expects that now things might get worse because of the European financial crisis».

    5 June 2012 Reuters

  • «New York is still the financial capital of the world. Though we are diversifying, we are looking more and more at the new capital export countries like China or Gulf people. For Russia, they might become quite important investors».

    10 May 2012 Bloomberg TV

  • «We understand that dollar will stay as the major currency for the time being, but what we are trying to develop is definitely to use rouble as a currency for bilateral trade between Russia – the Ukraine, Russia – Belorussia, maybe Russia and some other countries».

    10 May 2012 Bloomberg TV


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