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  • Andrey Kostin Andrey Kostin
    President and Chairman of VTB Bank Management Board, Member of the Supervisory Council, Chairman of the Strategy and Corporate Governance Committee
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    • «I am quite sure all the external debt will be paid by Russian companies. The central bank will help other private Russian companies with hard currency. We feel that Russian reserves allow Russian companies to repay the debt».

      21 January 2015, Bloomberg

    • «Russia joined WTO and we are now more open to the world. And there are a lot of opportunities for investors. But of course we have the problem of what we call long money. We don’t have the developed system of pension funds, of insurance companies’ investments. So, from this point of view, we do need foreign investments. And, I think, that the government has introduced many years ago already one of the most liberal currency regimes among all the BRICS countries for example. But, I agree, the key factor now is to create proper investment climate and to bring more investment from all parts of the world».

      1 October 2013, CNBC

    • «My advice has always been to invest money in Russia, and the Far East in particular, because it’s very rich in natural resources and in human resources. I hope in the future there will be better transportation system in those remote regions of Siberia and the Far East, with an easier transport access to the Pacific».

      11 September 2012, Russia Today

    • «For Russia, I think, it’s absolutely vital to put our focus on the Asian side. There is huge potential in resources, in energy, in global cooperation with neighboring countries like China, South Korea, Japan».

      5 September 2012, Russia Today

    • «We have to accept that the word ‘volatility’ has become a part of our life. Of course, the world economy is passing the period of the cycle, and we expect that the next 2-3 years will be quite difficult for the global economy, and would not be very easy for the Russian one ».

      5 September 2012, Russia Today

    • «We delivered solid results with a strong ROE of 15% for the first three months of 2012. Having grown substantially over the past few years, we are now focused on extracting value from VTB's unique franchise by optimizing our asset base, further strengthening risk management policies and improving our operational efficiency».

      6 July 2012, Press release

    • «In 2012 we expect Bank of Moscow to post at least 20 billion roubles in net profit and to raise it to 35 to 40 billion roubles annually in coming years».

      13 June 2012, Reuters

    • «At the moment we have no further plans for acquisitions in Russia or outside Russia. We completely fulfilled our plan. One of the reasons is that we don't have excess capital. We should have some safety pillow as everybody expects that now things might get worse because of the European financial crisis».

      5 June 2012, Reuters

    • «My dream is to create an international banking franchise, particularly focused on emerging markets. If you look at geography of VTB, we are present in 20 countries with particular focus on countries like Russia and CIS, but also China, Vietnam, African countries and so on and so forth. We strongly believe in the new economies, and I think we will be building up this franchise further».

      10 May 2012, Bloomberg TV

    • «New York is still the financial capital of the world. Though we are diversifying, we are looking more and more at the new capital export countries like China or Gulf people. For Russia, they might become quite important investors».

      10 May 2012, Bloomberg TV

    • «The new Russian government already made a quite clear statement, that one of the key issues will be privatization of the Russian economy. The government is planning to sell shares of about 850 companies, including VTB. VTB is very much on top of the list for privatization, and the government is preapred to sell all the shares of VTB to private investors, including foreign investors, so we started, I personally initiated this process 5 years ago by selling 25% to global investors in New York, in London. And I’ll be happy to continue this process and to sell more shares, of course, subject to market conditions».

      10 May 2012, Bloomberg TV

    • «We understand that dollar will stay as the major currency for the time being, but what we are trying to develop is definitely to use rouble as a currency for bilateral trade between Russia – the Ukraine, Russia – Belorussia, maybe Russia and some other countries».

      10 May 2012, Bloomberg TV

    • «I think after elections there's now a new programme which are being prepared by the new Russian government, with a large focus on privatisation. So I think it's around 850 companies which plan to be privatised and the government understands very well that to make a success we should substantially improve the economic environment and investment climate».

      19 April 2012, CNBC

    • «We are building up a worldwide network for VTB activities, particularly in the West. The American market is the most attractive from the point of client base, and of investors».

      19 April 2012, Russia Today

    • «I want the central bank to cut its benchmark interest rate below its current 8% level. With inflation expected to come in at no more than 6%, the 2% premium for the official rate is too high».

      18 April 2012, The Wall Street Journal

    • «If we don’t get any additional liquidity, it will mean that we will stop increasing our loan book. We can keep existing assets. But we will not be in a position to grow».

      23 February 2012, Financial Times

    • «75% of the Universal Bank-Group VTB are state-owned. Since a long time it doesn’t comply with the cliché of the Russian State enterprise. By end of September the bank achieved a ROE of 16,2% - a number Western banks only can dream of. Should one of our units not reach this ratio we get rid of it».

      19 February 2012, NZZ am Sonntag

    • «First, Russian enterprises are investing abroad, which can be seen as a good sign. Second, some companies want to keep their liquidity in Dollars and Euro which is also listed as capital flight in the statistics. Some of the money transferred to foreign countries is finding its way back to the country via a circuitous route. Cypriot companies are said to be the largest investors in Russia, and behind those are Russian entrepreneurs. Real capital flight also exists, but the amount is rather US$ 50 billion than the officially published US$ 80 billion. This is not a huge problem, but of course we would rather prefer the money to be invested in Russia».

      19 February 2012, NZZ am Sonntag

    • «Russia does not want to run a state capitalism. In the years to come we will see the largest privatisation wave since the 1990s which will even reach the defence sector».

      19 February 2012, NZZ am Sonntag

    • «We are currently implementing a new governance concept aimed at increasing the business integration level through the creation of global business units, and at developing a strong corporate centre through the integration of key control functions, risks and finance».

      23 January 2012, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

    • «Europe has a very developed, a very competitive market, and for any outsider, particularly in Russia, trying to be successful here is quite an ambitious task. So we think that our strength should come from the markets where we operate and which we understand better, like Ukraine, Belorussia. That's why we expect to be a leading bank in these countries».

      18 January 2012, CNBC

    • «I am not disappointed with the IPO, because it was quite successful. We struck a very high price, and in 2007 we were 10 times oversubscribed, while last year we were twice oversubscribed. We were disappointed with the market, of course, because market sometimes does not take into account the performance of the bank».

      18 January 2012, CNBC

    • «Our industry in Russia is not yet feeling the results of the European crisis. Liquidity and capital is something we can resolve… VTB have enough capital to live through 2012, even fulfilling our program for growth. But if and when we see the opportunity, either to sell a government stake or to raise new capital, we will be there. At the moment we have capital adequacy of more than 11%. We are watching it very carefully».

      16 January 2012, The Wall Street Journal

  • Yuri Soloviev Yuri Soloviev
    First Deputy President and Chairman of VTB Bank Management Board
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    • «The acquisition of the stake in OTKRITIE was a strategic investment for VTB Group. The deal we have just completed clearly demonstrates the efficiency of our investment. In the past four years, OTKRITIE achieved impressive business results and managed to build one of the largest private banks in Russia».

      11 April 2013, Press release

    • «VTB Cyprus is a largest bank in Cyprus, we have been very profitable, and according to our financial statements, we are employing Cypriot people, we are paying taxes, we are a very law-abiding institution in Cyprus. And we do not feel or see a reason why we should be sort of punished in any way, in any shape or form».

      28 March 2013, Bloomberg TV

    • «If you look at what the Russian economy did last year, it performed the best out of G8 economies of the world, because it produced 4,6% growth, its inflation rapidly coming down to below 4% on the rolling basis. So, generally speaking, Russia is doing relatively well, if you look at the banking sector specifically, Russia did 25% growth year on year last year, which is a spectacular result. And this year we are probably looking at the growth rates of between 15 and 20% for the banking sector growth, which is extremely healthy, and hopefully sustainable in the medium to longer term».

      22 May 2012, Bloomberg TV

    • «Russia boasts one of the best balance sheets globally, which was resulted in the Russian ministry of finance borrowing at credibly long-term duration and at very small interest rates. If you look at the monetary policy, again, the inflation is coming down, Russia is managing its floated currency very well».

      22 May 2012, Bloomberg TV

    • «The Russian government made it a very strong priority to diversify the sources of the internal growth, and what we will see, I hope, a completely new push and a much stronger push to the technological development of the country; new type of infrastructure development, longer-term sources of capital, better private property protection. I think Russia needs to address the investment climate concerns of lots of investors».

      22 May 2012, Bloomberg TV

    • «Obviously, the EU is going through a very difficult period, and there is a need for massive reforms, not only fiscally for the EU but also in the European countries which need to synchronize and make their labor laws much more consistent, etc. But I do believe in the future and cooperation of the European Union and former Soviet Union countries. I don't think we have the choice of not cooperating».

      5 March 2012, Bloomberg

    • «We have a lot of interest in Bulgaria from our client base in some sectors of the Bulgarian economy. And we actually believe there could be some interest towards the Russian market coming from Bulgaria. The Russian market is definitely underserviced. There are a lot of opportunities for Bulgarian entrepreneurs, and we would like to become a house name for the Bulgarian companies, as we have become the house name for the Russian companies».

      5 March 2012, Bloomberg

    • «We started looking at the Balkan region about a year ago, and even though we have been growing relatively fast, there are always priorities of resource management. The Balkans are opening up for us because the level of global competition there has been reduced dramatically. Most of the European banks are withdrawing because they have home problems. We see global banking institutions reducing their presence as well. For VTB Capital, this is a natural expansion of our presence in the former Soviet Union countries».

      5 March 2012, Bloomberg

  • Herbert Moos Herbert Moos
    Deputy President and Chairman of VTB Bank Management Board
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    • «The bank needed to have a transaction that brings new high quality investors, and also provides shareholders with an opportunity to participate in the deal on good terms. The first objective was to attract high quality investors, who will take long-term buy and hold positions and have a natural capacity for them».

      30 April 2013,

    • «Unlike European banks, which tend to raise capital to fill holes in their balance sheets or respond to regulatory requirements, we will use the new capital to fund growth».

      30 April 2013,

    • «We are focusing on Asia a lot. The new market realities mean that the incremental growth of investment capital is coming from Asia».

      23 January 2013, Reuters

    • «This new product platform is a significant step in strengthening our capabilities to offer our asset-side client access to a wide range of underlyings via a structure which has obvious advantages in terms of risk profile. This new instrument, previously only issued by foreign banks, takes the Russian market another step closer to international standards».

      9 June 2012, Dow Jones

    • «I think, Russia still does not have the same investor representation as many other global banks, so the Central Bank has to spend in and essentially support the banking community».

      21 May 2012, CNBC

    • «So there’s no real direct impact of Eurozone crisis on the banking, because the assets are not directly linked, but given that Russian economy continues, in its material part, to be dependent on the resources, on commodities, I think we will have a secondary order impact, where my clients, the corporates that borrow from me, will start seeing slowdown in their revenues, start firing workers, so my retail business starts seeing some of the impact on my corporates».

      21 May 2012, CNBC

    • «My view is that Russia is still such an under-penetrated market from the banking services' perspectives that banks could easily generate double digit ROE's».

      31 May 2011, CNBC in Europe, “SQUAWK BOX”

    • «Russia was going through a period of very rapid growth. I think the crisis had shown that the dependency on energy makes you incredibly vulnerable to the shocks. The liberal part of the government is obviously very focused on the reforms. There is potential».

      31 May 2011, CNBC in Europe, “SQUAWK BOX”

    • «We recognise that organic growth led us to become the second largest bank, but equally we want to focus on becoming the most efficient bank. If you look at our capital adequacy we were running as high as 20% - obviously a very different story to many European banks. Fortunately Russia and the former Soviet Union space is full of very interesting acquisition targets, ROE accretive opportunities. So in that respect as you know we have announced the two major acquisitions, that's TransCreditBank, the captive bank of Russian railways, the largest employer in Russia with 1 million employees, and more recently Bank of Moscow. For this year I think we feel pretty good in that regard, however we still need to demonstrate ability to digest those stories, to integrate them. Over the last 7 years VTB bought 10 banks and, touch wood, so far we integrated them all well and so now the challenge of the other two, then we'll look at it again».

      31 May 2011, CNBC in Europe, “SQUAWK BOX” EN

    • «I’m confident that the government will push ahead with further privatization deals, as the imperative is economic modernisation, not just fiscal revenues».

      6 April 2011, The Banker, №4

    • «TKB has added in one go about 3 million loyal retail customers who are the staff of Russian Railways and their families, with credit histories and payroll profiles for most of them, and a lower number of bank products per customer than VTB-24».

      6 April 2011, The Banker, №4

  • Alexei Yakovitskiy Alexei Yakovitskiy
    Global CEO at VTB Capital
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    • «In 2015, VTB Capital has successfully completed a number of landmark transactions in the Russian and international markets. Our ongoing success this year has been recognised by a large number of prestigious international rankings and awards. Several international magazines have honoured VTB Capital as the best investment bank in Russia, recognising the company’s expertise and notable achievements. I am confident that, despite the challenging global economic landscape, we shall remain the partner of choice for our clients across the globe».

      15 September 2015, VTB Capital

    • «From day one we have been the leading international group among the Russian investment banks. We are present in the UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, as well as using VTB Group platforms in France, Austria and Germany. We have ambitious global objectives in the international capital markets and we will continue to strengthen our position, continuing our work through VTB Group’s European banks».

      25 May 2012,

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