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The VTB Bank and VTB Group Products program

The VTB Bank and VTB Group Products program was introduced in 2008.

The program is designed to sharpen the bank’s competitive edge and diversify its customer portfolio.

The main participants in the program are VTB Bank customer relations managers.

The program includes 11 modules and is conducted in two stages:

  1. An e-learning course for each product (for independent study by customer relations managers);
  2. In-person workshops (for head office staff) and video seminars (for branch employees).

What makes this program unique?

The training is provided by subject matter experts from the Bank’s product divisions. They train the staff as well as develop content for e-learning courses and tests.

In the regional network, the program is implemented by corporate trainers selected from among the best customer relations managers of the branches. They receive special training on VTB Bank products and do consulting for their colleagues.

Participants in the VTB Bank and VTB Group Products program acquire comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge of each product. The Products is fully integrated into the Effective Customer Relations Program. This comprehensive package of educational events results in a systemic approach to customer relations, improving outcomes in this area of work.

E-learning and the involvement of corporate trainers enable the program participants:

  • to respond flexibly to their customers’ needs;
  • to focus on the market priority products;
  • to master banking product innovations quickly.

In 2008, 918 employees participated in the program (including 677 from VTB Bank branches), while 43 in-person workshops and six video seminars were held. Follow-up testing in December 2008 showed that program participants retained a very high level of knowledge (99.9%) about the bank’s product lines.

Participant feedback:

  • «Product workshops are an important part of continuing education for all groups of customer relations managers.»

  • «When interacting with customers, managers need to know about all of our products, to be able to identify the customers’ preferences and offer them suitable options.»

  • «Our training was top-notch, giving us a lot of new information, so we can now try to put what we have learned into practice. Thank you!»
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