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The Effective Customer Relations corporate program


Since 2006, we have offered the Effective Customer Relations corporate program. Together with the VTB Bank and VTB Group Products program, it is designed to establish corporate standards for customer service and sales to further enhance the bank’s competitive edge in the banking market.

The Effective Customer Relations program includes several constituents \ parts:

  1. In-person workshops and training sessions:
    • Effective Sales;
    • Efficient Service;
    • Sales Management;
    • Service Management.
  2. E-learning::
    • E-learning courses on sales and customer service;
    • Video Seminars;
    • On banking products.

  3. Performance evaluation for customer relations managers (sales) and customer service staff.

The program is unique in being conducted by:

  • qualified professionals from training companies;
  • the best customer relations managers from our business units, serving as corporate trainers.

Corporate trainers are selected on a competitive basis. They are taught how to conduct training sessions on their own and to do their trainees’ performance evaluation in the area of customer relations. VTB Bank currently has 47 corporate trainers. In 2008, they conducted 54 training sessions on sales and efficient service.

Over 700 customer relations representatives, tellers and product specialists, in all, have participated in the Effective Customer Relations program. This approach helps to develop a knowledge management system through consolidating, structuring and sharing professional expertise among the bank’s personnel.

Participant feedback:

  • «Now I can easily distinguish between those who have completed the program and those who haven’t.»

  • «During the training sessions, we did case studies from our actual work, and found the right solutions together; by the end of the training session, most of us admitted that we hadn’t noticed the mistakes we made in working with customers.»

  • «The training sessions give us a good sense of how professionals should do their job.»
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