Trade and export finance

VTB Group’s global presence and expansive network of correspondent banks enable us to deliver a wide range of financial services for trade finance operations in any region of the world.

VTB Bank offers financial products and services to support financial institutions in their trade and export finance operations, such as letters of credit (LCs), bank to bank reimbursement, issuance of guarantees against counter-guarantees from foreign banks, documentary operations, as well as bilateral loans for trade finance operations (including under Export Credit Agencies (ECA) coverage).

Payments under letters of credit, bank to bank reimbursement, issuance of guarantees against counter-guarantees from foreign banks

VTB offers its clients the following services:

  • add confirmation to LCs issued by counterparty banks;
  • discounting of deferred payment LCs issued by counterparty banks and confirmed by VTB;
  • issue irrevocable reimbursement undertakings under LCs opened by its counterparty banks (including for financing LCs);
  • issue bank guarantees on behalf of counterparty banks and against counter-guarantees from counterparty banks.

Documentary operations

VTB Bank offers a range of services to support documentary operations:

  • advising of LCs for counterparty banks and notifying clients of LCs issued in their favor;
  • examination of commercial documents and their presentation to the LC issuing foreign bank for payment;
  • LCs settlements under reimbursement authorisations from Russian and foreign counterparty banks with accounts held with VTB under issued LCs;
  • assignment of proceeds under import LCs;
  • a wide range of collection services for commercial and financial documents;
  • advising of foreign and Russian banks’ guarantees in favor of Russian and foreign beneficiaries;
  • claiming payments under guarantee from banks on behalf of beneficiaries;
  • authenticating of signatures on foreign and Russian bank guarantees on the beneficiary’s request;
  • give recommendations on payment terms in foreign trade contracts.

VTB Bank has been repeatedly ranked best bank for trade finance by major international media outlets, including:

— 2015 - Best Bank in Russia and the CIS, by Global Trade Review;
— 2016, 2017 and 2018 - Best Bank in Russia, by Global Finance;
— 2016 - Best Bank in Russia and the CIS, by Trade & Forfaiting Review;
— 2016 - Best Bank in Russia, by International Finance Magazine;
— 2016 - Best Bank in Central Europe and Eastern Europe, by Global Trade Review.
— 2018 and 2019 - Best Trade Finance Bank in Eastern Europe by Global Trade Review