Issuance and servicing of payment cards

VTB organises partner banks’ access to international card payment networks as a sponsor bank VTB Bank offers the following services:

  • organisation and supervision of partner banks’ processing programmes with VISA International and MasterCard Worldwide payment networks;
  • transfer of banks’ processing programmes from other sponsor banks;
  • clearing and settlement services for members of VISA International and MasterCard Worldwide.

VTB Bank’s status with international payment systems:

  • 1995-present: full membership in VISA International;
  • 1998-present: full membership in MasterCard Worldwide;
  • 2006-present: chartered processor of VISA International in Russia;
  • 2009-present: chartered bank for service distribution for China’s UnionPay.

Benefits of VTB’s partnership and sponsor programmes:

  • reputation and reliability;
  • favourable financial terms;
  • transaction services in three currencies: Russian roubles, US dollars and euros;
  • full reimbursement of interbank fees set by payment processing systems;
  • over 15,000 ATMs across Russia with user discounts offered to partner banks;
  • comprehensive consulting support.
The processing services for sponsor programmes are provided by Multicarta, a VTB Group company.