Settlement and cash services

VTB offers settlement and cash services as detailed below:

  • Opening and maintaining loro correspondent accounts in all international key currencies, Russian roubles, currencies of the CIS and Baltic states and clearing currencies;
  • Carrying out settlements, including prompt settlements using VTB’s regional network and VTB Group’s foreign credit institutions;
  • Bank card transactions (VTB is Visa International’s national settlement bank in Russia);
  • Opening correspondent accounts (roubles, freely convertible currencies/ restricted convertibility currencies);
  • Maintaining a minimum required balance on correspondent accounts;
  • Opening trust management accounts;
  • Opening correspondent accounts for executing banking transactions via the VISA Int./MasterCard Int. international payment systems (VTB sponsors VISA Int./MasterCard Int. Principal Members);
  • Opening savings accounts for paying up share capital in foreign currency.

VTB Bank hereby informs on a transition to a new procedure of a correspondent account opening.

As from 21 July 2020 the establishment of correspondent relations in a form of an account opening will be implemented on the principles of accession to the VTB Rules.