Operations with Precious Metals

Customer Services:

  • carrying out commissions of the Russian Government regarding the export and sale of gold from the Federal Precious Metal and Gem Foundation in the international market;
  • carrying out commissions of customers from Russian subsoil users and banks to export and/or sell proprietary gold in the international market, including customer acquisition;
  • drafting terms and conditions with regard to services for a commission and standard commission agreement texts;
  • providing purchase/sale quotations for precious metals to customers;
  • entering into agreements with foreign gold buyers, including industrial end consumers.
VTB Bank is the member of The London Bullion Market Association.

Information and Consultancy Services:

  • making agreements for information servicing of Russian subsoil users and companies that reprocess secondary materials containing precious metals, etc.;
  • preparing daily and weekly reports on precious metal prices in the domestic and international markets;
  • providing information on precious metal transactions to other divisions of VTB.