Operations on financial and commodity markets

VTB offers the following forex services:

  • Interbank foreign exchange transactions with all freely convertible currencies and restricted convertibility currencies;
  • Entering into Intraday Split foreign exchange transactions foreign currency/Russian currency (delivery versus payment, Models 1, 2, 3 of the Moscow Territorial Administration of the Bank of Russia or USD/EUR «early payment»).
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VTB offers the following services:

  • Foreign exchange, interest and cross currency swaps;
  • Currency forward and forward rate agreements;
  • Currency and interest rate options.
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VTB offers the following products and services:

  • Inter-bank banknote deals involving all key hard currencies and Russian roubles
  • Deposits/withdrawals of foreign banknotes and Russian roubles to/from banking (correspondent) accounts
  • Collection of badly damaged and redeemed banknotes
  • Change/exchange of foreign currency.

VTB offers the following products and services:

Russian Domestic and RUB Euroclearable bonds

  • purchase/sale of Sovereign bonds (Government short-term bonds/Federal loan bonds) and corporate bonds trading;
  • on-exchange and OTC REPO trading (corporateand sovereign bonds);
  • credit derivatives.

Non-RUB Eurobonds

  • Russian and CIS sovereign Eurobonds, Russian corporatesEurobonds trading;
  • Eurobonds REPO.

VTB promissory notes

  • issue and repayment;
  • early repayment (before maturity);
  • novation;
  • early novation of notes expressed in one nominal value for another nominal value having the same maturity (exchange);
  • custody with no credit to custody account;
  • evidence of issue;
  • loans covered by proprietary promissory notes.

Equity market

  • equity Forwards, Equity Depositary Receipt and Stock Indexes Depositary Receipt;
  • equity option deals, Equity Depositary Receipt, Stock Indexes Depositary Receipt.
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VTB offers the following products and services:

  • Opening and handling impersonal clearing accounts in precious metals on "loco London", "loco Zurich" and "loco Moscow" terms;
  • Purchase/sale of refined precious metals in bullion in the Russian market; spot and forward deals, deposits and options in international precious metal market;
  • Precious metal trading in the Russian market and international markets on commission;
  • Opening and handling precious metal custody accounts;
  • Structured deposits linked to the market price of precious metals.
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VTB offers the following products and services:

  • Buying/selling precious metals;
  • Precious metals forwards;
  • Commodity options deals;
  • Commodity swap deals.
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VTB offers transactions with various types of credit derivatives to share and reduce the client’s credit risks, and also offers the opportunity to trade credit derivatives (transferring the risk from the seller of a credit derivative to its buyer), including buying/selling credit default swaps.

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VTB offers the following products and services:

  • Interbank loans within preset limits and/or security pledged;
  • Attracting interbank loans in key hard currencies and in Russian Roubles;
  • Accrual of interests on daily credit balances on clearing (banking) accounts in Russian Roubles and foreign currencies;
  • Overdrafts in vostro accounts (in US Dollars Euros, Russian Roubles) within preset limits on correspondent banks.

Types of security acceptable in interbank business:

  • Lien on proprietary promissory notes.