VTB Bank offers the following custody services to financial institutions:

  • opening and managing deposit accounts
  • holding in safekeeping and keeping inventory of uncertified securities such as Russian and foreign issuers’ stock
  • performing transactions involving securities deposit accounts (securities settlement), including the delivery/receipt of securities versus payment (RVP/ DVP) and delivery/receipt free of payment (RFP/ DFP)
  • performing services to help clients exercise their right to securities, such as collecting and transferring to the client any revenues from securities (dividends, coupons, etc)
  • administering the issuer’s corporate actions on securities, registering the ensuing transactions with securities deposit accounts and informing the client of such actions
  • blocking and unblocking securities
  • registration of and accounting for securities' pledge operations
  • acting as paying agent for corporate securities
  • evaluating the client’s portfolio value
  • regular reporting and other services.