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Time deposit (over 1 year) with a possibility of early withdrawal

Such deposit is open in Russian rubles or a foreign currency for the period of 548 days.

When placing temporarily idle funds into this type of deposit You can withdraw them before the end of the term but on 91st, 181st, 271st, 365th or 456th days only.

The minimum and maximum amounts of the deposit are not fixed.

The interest rate is set based on the amount and is not subject to change over the term of the deposit.

In case of early withdrawal of the deposit, the interest is accrued based on the rate for the actual time of placement (91 days, 181 days, 365 days or 456 days).

The interest accrued shall be paid on the last day of deposit term or on the day of its early withdrawal.

There is no possibility to add-on to the deposit or partially withdraw from it. 
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