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Replenishable Term Deposits

  • Such deposit shall be opened in the currency of the Russian Federation or in a foreign currency for either residents or non-residents.
  • The deposit is placed for a period of 60,90,180,270 or 360 days.
  • The Bank shall accept additional amounts and place them on the deposit account during the deposit period.
  • The total amount of all additional amounts cannot exceed the initial deposit amount by more than 10 times.
  • The interest rate shall be applied depending on the amount and period of the initial deposit amount.
  • The interest rate is not subject to change during the deposit period.
  • The interest accrued under the deposit shall be paid upon the expiration of the deposit period.
  • The deposit (either initial amount, or additional amounts) cannot be withdrawn upon the Depositor's demand, either in full, or partially, until its period expires.
  • The deposit can be extended for the same period and under the same terms and conditions as applicable at the Bank on the last day of the deposit's period.
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