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Solutions for corporate groups

VTB Bank offers corporate customers financial instruments to facilitate efficient transactions and management of account balances. These instruments enable parent companies to better control group divisions’ internal and external cash flows.

Our products help corporate groups:

  • Establish a centralised treasury;
  • Actively manage working capital;
  • Control incoming cash flows (revenues) more effectively;
  • Receive automatically generated reports on all group company accounts;
  • Manage all accounts and distribute internal cash flows;
  • Reduce the volumes and costs of external borrowing; and
  • Manage interest rates.

Why VTB:

  • Speed: we offer express assessment of the customer’s needs and customise our products accordingly;
  • Efficiency: introducing our products does not require significant material costs and is cheaper than developing similar products from the ground up;

Customisation: the system’s flexibility can accommodate your company’s individual needs .

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