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Annual report 2012

Responsible resource management

One of VTB Group main priorities is a responsible approach to the consumption of natural resources. The Bank is not only improving its resource and energy consumption management system, but also contributes to raising environmental awareness in the business community by introducing criteria for financing projects aimed at deploying energy-efficient technologies.

In 2012, VTB Group identified priority areas for its administrative and economic activities which include control over administrative costs and more efficient use of its real estate portfolio.

In the reporting period, the Bank has taken measures to unify regulations in order to improve cooperation in the field of administrative property management. A number of regulations have been approved, including standards regulating placement of the Group companies, coordination policies for real estate transactions, cost limits for construction and renovation works, workplace arrangement and leasing rates.

In 2012, VTB Bank completed testing of the automated property management system that enables the Bank to track consumption of resources and to take measures to reduce them. The launch of this system is planned for 2013 within VTB24 Bank and the Bank of Moscow. In addition, VTB plans to approve the introduction of this system across the Group.

VTB Group pays special attention to environmental and energy-saving technologies in the construction, renovation and operation of its buildings. In 2012, to set a benchmark for the ecological efficiency of the Group assets, the Bank approved cost limits on construction and repair works for the VTB Group companies which are applied to all of the Group subsidiaries in the CIS.

The Bank seeks to efficiently use fuel, paper, water, electricity and heating.

In 2012, VTB Group continued to implement its Programme for Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency. As part of this programme, the Bank conducted energy audits in 19 of its properties in Moscow and St. Petersburg, repaired heating systems in three properties and also replaced lighting at three sites.

VTB Bank strives to reduce its paper consumption, that is why an electronic document management system was introduced throughout many offices. In 2012, the number of the Group subsidiaries that implemented this system increased leading to significantly reduced paper consumption when approving and signing documents.

VTB Group also pays special attention to controlling direct and indirect vehicle fuel consumption. In order to reduce direct fuel consumption, VTB introduced a system of monitoring and regulating fuel consumption across the Group companies on a monthly basis.

In the reporting period, VTB Group continued to implement a video conferencing system that enables video conferences with partners and VTB subsidiaries to be organised virtually anywhere in the world. The use of video conferencing helps to reduce the amount of business travel and, consequently, results in reduced indirect fuel consumption. In 2012, the total duration of video conferences within VTB Bank alone exceeded 6,232 hours.

Along with the responsible management of resources, the Bank ensures that the waste generated by its working processes is properly disposed of. VTB subsidiaries use specialised licenced companies for the disposal of inconsumable fluorescent lamps, batteries, operational materials, tyres and spare parts. In 2012, 574 tonnes of municipal solid waste was generated by VTB Group working processes, which is 15% more than in 2011.