Corporate secretary

VTB’s Corporate Secretary oversees compliance of the bank’s management and employees with the rules and procedures of corporate governance, which are designed to guarantee shareholders’ rights and interests; supports the work of the Supervisory Council; and provides a liaison with the bank’s shareholders.

The Strategy and Corporate Governance Committee, which reports to the Supervisory Council, reviews nominees for the post of Corporate Secretary to provide recommendations to the Supervisory Council. Functionally, the Corporate Secretary reports to the Supervisory Council, while administratively the position is subordinate to President and Chairman of VTB Bank Management Board.

On 28 September 2011, VTB’s Supervisory Council elected Yevgeny Ignatyev as Corporate Secretary on the recommendations of the Strategy and Corporate Governance Committee and the Staff and Remuneration Committee.

Yevgeny Ignatyev

Yevgeny Ignatyev

Chief of Staff of VTB Supervisory Council and Corporate Secretary

Shares owned in the charter capital of VTB Bank – none. Family ties to other members of governing or supervisory bodies of VTB Bank – none.

From June 2013

Chief of Staff of VTB Supervisory Council and Corporate Secretary


Corporate Secretary of VTB Bank.


Head of the Shareholder Liaison Service, VTB Bank.


Head manager of the Borrowing and Investor Relations Department, VTB Bank.


Chief consultant, deputy director (acting director) of the Corporate Governance Department at VTB North-West (former Industrial Construction Bank).


Lawyer, Investtorg.


Assistant lawyer, Exchange Complex (St. Petersburg)


Law Degree from St. Petersburg State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, with qualification as a lawyer.


St. Petersburg Social Services School (major – Law, with qualification to practice as a lawyer).


Born in Pitkyaranta, Republic of Karelia.


The international certificate of the British Institute of Directors "Certified Director" and the title "Cert IoD".


Graduated from the Saint Petersburg State University of Water Transport, specialty-law, qualification-lawyer.


Graduated from the St. Petersburg Social Technical School, specialty-law, qualification-lawyer.

Winner of the award in the category "Director of Corporate Governance-Corporate Secretary" in the framework of the National Award "Director of the Year", held by the Independent Directors Association and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

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