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Where can I receive professional advice on the bank’s work with shareholders?

VTB shareholders can consult with bank staff on shareholder rights, dividend payouts, transactions involving VTB stock, and other issues regarding outstanding shares at the following locations:




Shareholder Relations Centre, Moscow

Office 1026, 35 Myasnitskaya Street, Moscow, 103540

+7 (495) 645-43-61

Shareholder Relations Centre, St. Petersburg

Office 40, 29 Bolshaya Morskaya Street, St. Petersburg 190000

+7 (812) 494-94-46

Shareholder Relations Centre, Yekaterinburg

Office 204, 5 Marshala Zhukova Street, Yekaterinburg 620014

+7 (343) 379-66-15

Questions regarding shareholding and investments can also be directed to the VTB Bank Shareholder Relations Service by or phone:

  • individual shareholders: +7 (495) 258-49-47.
  • institutional investors and analysts: +7 (495) 775-71-39.
What documents confirm share ownership?

VTB Bank share ownership can be confirmed by one of the following:

  • A statement from the share register, which can be requested from the VTB Bank Registrar at 23 Pravdy Street, Moscow 127015,
    tel. +7(495) 787-44-83 (or its subsidiaries), if the Registrar keeps record of a shareholder’s VTB shares.
  • A statement from a depository account, which can be requested from the bank depository if record of a shareholder’s VTB Bank shares is kept by the depository of the organisation that is the nominal holder of the shareholder’s share according to the register.
Which body is the specialised registrar responsible for maintaining the VTB share register (open joint-stock company)?

The VTB Registrar is the specialised registrar responsible for keeping the VTB share register.

Full and abbreviated name according to the Charter

VTB Registrar (joint-stock company), JSC VTB Registrar

Number of license issued by an authorised federal executive body/ expiration date

№ 045-13970-000001 от 21.02.2008/ no expiration date

Title and full name of the chief executive

General Director Konstantin Petrov


23 Pravdy Street, Moscow 127015

Details of agreement signed with registrar

Service Agreement on Keeping Records of Inscribed Stock No. 001 dated 18.07.2006

Registrar’s bank details

VAT 5610083568, KPP 5610083568; bank account 40702810030000001846 at VTB 24 (public joint-stock company), Moscow; BIC 044525716; correspondent account 30101810100000000716

Postal address

PO Box 54, Moscow 127137


+7(495) 787-44-83 / +7 (499) 257-17-00



VTB Registrar offices 


More detailed information on the range of services provided by VTB Registrar and the applicable rates are available at

Does the registrar charge for maintaining VTB Bank share records?

VTB Registrar does not charge for keeping records of VTB Bank shares in a shareholder’s individual account.

How do I check my details in the register? How can I get a statement from the register?

If you need to check any details in your personal account on the register, please submit a request to the Registrar (the form is available on the VTB Registrar’s website and pay the applicable fee, details of which can also be found on the website.

You can pay the fee by transferring money to the VTB Registrar account via any other bank.

Please mail a copy of the payment receipt (proof of payment) and the request for information from the register to VTB Registrar at PO Box 54 Moscow 127137, submit them at one of the Registrar’s offices, or at any of VTB Bank’s transfer agent offices for shareholders services.

Is there a charge for storing VTB Bank shares in VTB 24 after the IPO?

If VTB Bank shares are stored in a depository subaccount opened under the Stock Market, Futures and Options Market Services Regulation (this is the subaccount for stocks purchased under the IPO), there is no charge.

Where can I make inquiries regarding depository transfers, cash withdrawals and access to my account at*

For inquiries regarding non-trading transactions, please call +7(495) 980-46-86, 8-800-200-31-39 (toll-free number in Russia).

I am a VTB 24 Bank Depository customer. How can I sell my shares?

There are several options for selling your VTB Bank shares on the Moscow Exchange:

Option 1

Call +7(495) 797-20-22, +7(495) 797-93-45, +7(495) 982-58-87, 8 800-200-62-77 (toll-free in Russia).

Please be ready to provide:

  • Your full name;
  • Contract number (see p. 2 of the Notice);
  • The code from you Financial Market Service card;
  • The name of the shares you would like to sell – VTB shares;
  • The number of lots you would like to sell**;

**one lot includes 10,000 shares; odd-lots (below 10,000 shares) may be sold between 5pm and the close of trading (6:40pm) during odd-lot trading.

  • The price of your shares***.

*** We recommend that shareholders with no stock market experience select “current market price” meaning that the stock will be sold at the current market price. Shareholders who already have stock market experience may send a limited proposal in line with market practices.

Option 2

Submit a paper application.

Please fill out and return a paper application (Appendix 5a to Regulations) to the Investment Department Customer Relations Office, office 136, 37A Novaya Basmannaya Street; tel. +7(495) 982-58-15 or 8-800-333-24-24 (toll-free in Russia)

Option 3

Submit an application via OnlineBROKER or the QUIK online trading system.

To access these online trading systems (free access), please confirm that you accept the Customer Service Regulations for the respective remote access system (Appendix 10a or 10b to the Regulations).

Please return your application to

  • The Customer Relations Office of the Investment Department, office 136, 37A Novaya Basmannaya Street; tel. +7(495) 982-58-15 or 8-800-333-24-24 (toll-free in Russia)
  • authorised subsidiaries listed at

If you use QUIK, you will also have to register a public key to identify a QUIK terminal. If you use OnlineBROKER, observing the digital signature rules is optional.

We recommend this option to all shareholders who, in addition to selling VTB shares, would like to use the brokerage services VTB 24 offers for active share exchange operations.

Do I have to pay commission for share trading?*

Yes, under the terms of the broker agreement between you and VTB 24 and the rates listed in the Regulations for VTB 24 Stock Market and Futures and Options Market Services (Appendix 9 to the Regulations). More details on brokerage and custody services are available at *only for VTB 24 customers

I am a VTB 24 customer. How can I transfer funds from my brokerage account to my bank (current) account?

There are two ways to send a remittance order:

1. By phone: +7(495) 980-46-86, 8-800-200-31-39 (toll-free in Russia).

Please note that by phone you can only send a request to transfer brokerage account money to your VTB 24 bank account as stated in the customer form attached to the brokerage services agreement signed along with the share purchase order.

If making a transfer by phone, please provide the following details:

  • Full name;
  • Contract number (see p. 2 of the Notice you received when requesting brokerage services);
  • Code from your Financial Market Service card;
  • Number of your personal account for managing securities transactions (see p.1 of the Notice you received when requesting brokerage services)**account 306 or managed account;
  • Number of the personal current account with VTB 24 you provided (or opened) when applying for brokerage services or the number on your updated customer form;
  • The amount you would like to transfer from your brokerage account to your current account. You can state “clear balance,” in which case the balance that is free and clear of all encumbrances will be subject to transfer from your brokerage account.

2. By submitting a paper application to a VTB 24 office.

You can fill out a paper application (see Appendix 6 to the Regulations for 24 Stock Market and Futures and Options Market Services) to transfer funds from your brokerage account to any bank account in your name, including an account in another bank.

You can also send your transfer order by post to the Customer Relations Division of VTB Bank’s Investment Department located at 35 Myasnitskaya Street, Moscow 101000. The transfer order must be notarised.

Please note that a money transfer from VTB 24 is subject to personal income tax.

What do I have to do if my personal details have changed?*

You must provide your new personal details to a VTB 24 office to update your brokerage and deposit services data.

You can also fill out a new bailor form (Appendix 2 to the Regulations for Depository Transactions of VTB 24, form 1) and return it to the bank by post. Please note that the signature on mailed forms must be notarised.

*only for VTB 24 customers.

Annual General Meeting

When do VTB shareholders meet?

In accordance with the Federal Law on Joint Stock Companies No. 208-FZ of 26 December 1995, the Annual General Meeting of shareholders of VTB Bank (the AGM) takes place between 1 March and 30 June of the year following the accounting year.

How does VTB Bank inform its shareholders about a General Shareholders Meeting?

The notice of the General Shareholders Meeting must be made public no later than 30 days before the meeting unless Russian law stipulates a longer notice period.

Within the said term, the General Shareholders Meeting notice shall be posted on the VTB Bank website at

Can minority shareholders nominate their own candidate to the bank’s Supervisory Board?

In accordance with Articles 53 and 66 of the Federal Law on Joint Stock Companies No. 208-FZ of 26 December 1995, Supervisory Board members are elected by the AGM from candidates nominated by a shareholder(s) owning at least 2% of the bank’s voting shares.

Therefore, if minority shareholders jointly own at least 2% of the bank’s voting shares, they are entitled to nominate their own candidate to the Supervisory Board following the procedure prescribed by law. Their nominee will be included in the list of candidates. Candidates receiving the most votes at the AGM are elected to the Supervisory Board.

I did not receive ballots for the General Shareholders' Meeting. Why? How can I vote on the meeting agenda?

Ballots are distributed to those listed on the register of shareholders and who are entitled to participate in the General Shareholders' Meeting.

If you have not been receiving correspondence from the bank, you should ensure the bank has the correct details, including your postal code, etc. Ballots are sent by regular post.

If your shares are registered through a depository, you can participate in the General Shareholders' Meeting by filing instructions with your depository as per your agreement.

Digital ballots can be filled out at or in the VTB Shareholder mobile app (a free mobile app for both Android and iOS). Alternatively, digital ballot papers can be completed at the VTB Shareholder Liaison Centers or at any of the VTB Registrar branches.

If you are a VTB Bank shareholder as of the date when the list of persons entitled to participate in the meeting is drawn up, you are entitled to attend the meeting personally. Each shareholder will be given an individual password to connect to the voting system when registering for the meeting. You will be able to fill out your digital ballot at, in the VTB Shareholder mobile app or through a voting terminal.

How are ballots distributed for the General Shareholders' Meeting?

Ballots are sent by post to all parties entitled to take part in the General Shareholders' Meeting and registered on the Bank’s shareholder register no later than 20 days before the meeting.

If your shares are registered through a depository, the materials, ballots and other information will be communicated via your depository.


When does VTB usually pay shareholder dividends and how is dividends calculated?

All information on the dividends VTB has paid to shareholders is available in the Dividend history section «Dividends».

Who is entitled to shareholder dividends?

Dividends are paid to those people who owned VTB shares or managed such shares in accordance with the Federal Law On Joint Stock Companies No. 208-FZ of 26 December 1995, as of the end of the business day on which the list of people entitled to the dividend is made in accordance with a decision to pay a dividend.

The date on which this list is made is set no earlier than 10 days and no later than 20 days from the date on which a decision to pay a dividend is made.

What documents does the bank require to confirm that a person is entitled to a tax exemption or discount on the dividend?*

1. If the shares are owned by a mutual fund, to have the dividend exempted from taxation, the asset management company that manages the fund needs to submit the following documents:

1. A notarised copy of the asset management company’s license to manage the fund;

2. Any document that confirms the fund’s ownership of the shares in question, such as:

  • A certificate confirming the fund’s asset value;
  • A report on the fund’s investments;
  • A list of the fund’s assets;
  • A statement of the VTB shares’ inclusion in the fund’s assets;
  • A custody account statement certified by the depository.

2. To apply a profit tax discount on dividend payments to non-resident entities, shareholders must submit a document confirming the company’s permanent residence in a country which has an international agreement on dual taxation with Russia or the Soviet Union. This document has to be certified by a competent body of the foreign country. A competent body is defined as the government agency (or its authorised representative) listed in the aforementioned agreement. The document must be legalised in compliance with the established procedure or must have an apostille affixed. If the document is written in a language other than Russian, a notarised translation into Russian has to be enclosed. The document has to specify the period (calendar year, etc.) for which permanent residence is confirmed. The period specified must correspond to the period for which the dividend is to be paid.

If the international agreement that regulates the use of the tax discount requires a minimum direct investment in the bank’s capital, the foreign entity needs to submit copies of its share purchase agreements for this minimum amount as well as copies of documents confirming payments made under the purchase agreements (copies of banks statements or payment orders, or a confirmation from a depository clearing company).

3. Foreign nationals who are tax residents in Russia shall pay a 13% tax after presenting documents that confirm their presence in Russia for no less than 183 days within the 12 consecutive calendar months preceding the payment of the dividend.

Presence in Russia over the specified period can be confirmed by one of the following:

  • A copy of the foreign national’s passport with border control stamps;
  • Copies of plane or railway tickets confirming the date of their arrival in Russia;
  • A reference from their employer in Russia specifying the period during which they physically worked in the country within 12 consecutive calendar months as of the date the reference was issued;
  • Other documents that confirm the actual time they have spent in Russia.

If a foreign shareholder of VTB fails to present any documents confirming their entitlement to a tax discount, their dividend payments will be taxed at the regular rate of 15%.

4. Foreign nationals who are not tax residents in Russia are entitled to dividend taxation below the regular rate of 15% in accordance with dual taxation agreements provided the following documents are submitted:

  • An official confirmation (certificate) recognising the VTB shareholder, as of the specified calendar year, as a tax resident of a foreign country with a valid dual taxation agreement with Russia. The confirmation (certificate) should be issued by that country’s authorised financial or tax authority. It must be legalised according to the established procedure, or apostilled.
  • A notarised translation of the confirmation (certificate) into Russian.

*Only for shareholders whose rights to shares are recorded directly in the registry. If record VTB shares is kept by nominal holder for the handover of the documents should contact to the place of recording of securities.

I owned the shares as of the date when the list of shareholders entitled to dividends was made, but I never received any dividends. Why?

You most likely submitted inaccurate or incomplete data (such as your bank details or individual taxpayer number). To clarify the situation you need to contact VTB Bank Shareholder Relations Service at +7 (495) 258-49-47.

Shareholders Consultative Council

What are the goals of VTB’s Shareholders Consultative Council?

The VTB Shareholders Consultative Council (SCC) was established in 2009 as part of the bank’s shareholder relations policy to address issues that affect shareholder interests in consultation with the VTB Management Board and Supervisory Board.

The VTB Shareholders Consultative Council is an independent public advisory and consultative body formed through open elections by VTB shareholders. Its decisions are non-binding.

What documents regulate the Shareholders Consultative Council’s work?

The SCC is regulated by the Provision on the Shareholders Consultative Council, as drafted and approved by the SCC.

Who sits on the Shareholders Consultative Council?

The SCC consists of 11 minority shareholders of VTB Bank. Each SCC member’s details can be found on the SCC page of the VTB website.

Where can VTB shareholders find information on the Shareholders Consultative Council’s work?

Regular SCC updates are published on the SCC page of the VTB website. The council’s work is also regularly covered by the VTB shareholders’
newsletter, Kontrolny Paket. SCC members also report to shareholders during AGMs and consultations with shareholders.

How can I contact the Shareholders Consultative Council?

You can ask questions or make suggestions to SCC members by:

  • Phone:: +7 (985) 774-31-55 
  • e-mail: