Shareholders consultative council

The VTB Shareholders Consultative Council (SCC) is an independent, public, advisory and consultative body of minority shareholders. The SCC was established in 2009 to improve interaction with VTB shareholders and to protect their rights and interests.


The SCC was re-elected in 2017 by open ballot. All shareholders were invited to take part in the vote. The SCC currently consists of 12 minority shareholders from Moscow, St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Irkutsk, including one member who has been serving on the council since 2009, six joined in 2013 and five were elected in 2017. Igor Repin was elected as the council’s chairman in 2017.

SCC members take an active part in VTB’s work by discussing major issues related to shareholder interests with the group’s senior executives. President and Chairman of the Management Board Andrey Kostin, Deputy President and Chairman of the Management Board Herbert Moos, Deputy President and Chairman of the Management Board Olga Dergunova and the heads of other VTB divisions and subsidiaries take part in SCC meetings.


The SCC meets according to its work plan, at least once every two months. Its decisions are non-binding.

The SCC focuses on the following points of interest for VTB shareholders:

  • VTB Group development strategy
  • Financial performance and dividend policy
  • Developing special offers for VTB shareholders
  • VTB Group’s IT products and services
  • Innovation, promising areas, products and services
  • Corporate governance and respecting shareholder rights
  • Attracting new shareholders and improving relations with the existing ones
  • VTB’s retail business
  • VTB’s capital investment business

SCC members contribute to events for VTB shareholders. The schedule of these meetings is published in the Meetings with Shareholders section. You can ask questions and make suggestions to SCC members by:

Telephone: +7 (985) 774 3155