Shareholders consultative council

The VTB Bank Shareholders Consultative Council is an independent, public, advisory and consultative body of minority shareholders. The SCC was established in 2009 to improve interaction with VTB shareholders and to protect their rights and interests.


The council was re-elected in 2013 by open ballot and currently consists of 11 minority shareholders, including four previous SCC members: Leonid Volkov, Sergei Gavrilov, Yelena Popova and Vasily Sidorov. Valery Petrov was elected chairman of the new SCC at the council meeting on 10 September 2013.

SCC members take an active part in VTB's work by discussing major issues related to shareholder interests with the group’s top managers. SCC meetings are usually attended by Supervisory Council Chairman Sergey Dubinin, President and Chairman of the Management Board Andrey Kostin, First Deputy President and Chairman of the Management Board Vasily Titov, Deputy President and Chairman of the Management Board Herbert Moos and the heads of other VTB Group units and subsidiaries.


The SCC meets at least once every two months and adopts advisory decisions.

SCC members take part in events organised for VTB shareholders and hold regular reception days for individual consultations with shareholders in Moscow, St Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. The schedule of these meetings is published in the Meetings with Shareholders section.

You can ask questions and make suggestions to SCC members by:

Telephone: +7 (985) 774 3155