VTB in indices

VTB Bank is in the list of the largest Russian companies in terms of market capitalization. The Bank’s shares and global depositary receipts (GDRs) are included in a number of Russian and global indices reflecting the stock market dynamics. Inclusion in stock exchange indices is important for any issuer, as it reflects the size of the company’s market capitalization, liquidity of the stock and leadership in a particular sector or region.

MOEX Indices

VTB shares are constituents of the major indices on the Moscow Exchange, including the MOEX Russia Index and the RTS Index. The Moscow Exchange Indices are capitalization-weighted composite indices which are calculated based on the prices of the most liquid Russian stocks of the largest and dynamically developing Russian issuers traded on the Moscow Exchange. In addition to the MOEX and RTS Index, VTB shares are constituents of the Stock Sub Index, MOEX 10 Index, Broad Market Index, Finance Index, RTS Finance Index and RTS Broad Market Index.

LSE Indices

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) uses the dynamics of quotes of VTB Bank GDRs to calculate the FTSE All-World Index and FTSE EMEA Index. The FTSE Index is a key LSE index among the “top five” indices that reflect the fundamental indicators of the global economy.

MSCI Indices

VTB shares are also included in the MSCI Emerging Markets and MSCI Russia indices. MSCI Emerging Markets Index is a global index of emerging markets, which includes 26 different stock markets of developing countries (China, Brazil, India, Russia, etc.). The MSCI Emerging Markets and MSCI Russia indices are MSCI’s two most important indices for the Russian companies.

MVIS Indices

VTB Bank GDRs are also used to calculate the MVIS RUSSIA Index. MVIS RUSSIA or the Modified Market Cap-Weighted Index tracks the performance of Russia’s largest and most liquid companies. It covers both the Russian companies and those registered abroad that generate at least 50% of their income in Russia.