Registrar services

Register of VTB shareholders is kept by JSC VTB Registrar. The company works in registrar business since 2004 with license № 045-13970-000001 issued on February 21, 2008 without any limitations on period of validity. For more detailed information please contact JSC VTB Registrar directly.

VTB Registrar profile

Company name JSC VTB Registrar
License № 045-13970-000001 issued on February 21, 2008 without restrictions on validity period
CEO Konstantin S. Petrov, Managing director
Principle place of business, location 23, Pravdy str., Moscow, 127015, Russia
Particulars Shareholder register keeping agreement № 001 of July 07, 2006
Banking account details INN 5610083568, KPP (IECC) code 771401001
current account 40702810030000001846 at VTB Bank (PJSC)
BIC 044525745
correspondent account 30101810345250000745
Mailing address P.O. box 54, Moscow, 127137, Russia
Telephone / Fax +7 (495) 787-44-83
E-mail / website

Registrar’s transactions

The Central Consolidated Registrar shall:

  • open a personal account
  • amend details of the personal account
  • formalize a purchase, inheritance, donation, exchange or sale of shares

Once a transaction is conducted, the Registrar shall upon request provide a statement from the Register. 
On demand, the Registrar shall also make entries to the Register on encumbrance of securities and on blocking transactions

Bank details

INN 5610083568/771401001 
s/a with VTB Bank (PJSC), Moscow 40702810030000001846 
BIC 044525745 
c/a 30101810345250000745

Brokerage and Depository services in VTB Bank

VTB offers its customers a full range of investment services. Bank customers get the opportunity to trade on leading Russian stock exchanges:

  • buy and sell shares and corporate securities on the Moscow Exchange, including transactions with VTB shares;
  • trade derivatives (futures and options) in the FORTS derivatives market section;
  • trade government, corporate and sub-federal bonds on the Moscow Exchange.

VTB Bank provides brokerage and depository services to individuals and institutional investors, professionals and newcomers to the securities market. Detailed information on the Bank’s investment services is available at .

The Bank of New York is a depository bank under the Global Depository Receipts Program.

VTB Bank shares are also traded through the Global Depository Receipts (GDR) program on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol VTBR. The GDRs of VTB represent the equivalent of 2,000 ordinary shares of VTB. The Bank of New York Mellon is the leading depository bank among companies issuing their shares through the depositary receipts program. Its market share is 64%. The Bank of New York Mellon offers a range of services for its customers, starting from the very first steps of launching a program. The depositary bank proposes a number of measures aimed at promoting the issuer’s depositary receipts in the market.

Information on depository programs is available at