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  • 22
    VTB completes reform of regional network

    VTB Bank has completed the reform of its regional network that it launched in 2012 to improve the quality of customer service and consolidate its regional outlets. VTB has formed a matrix management system consisting of seven basic affiliates (in Yekaterinburg, Voronezh, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny ...

  • 9
    VTB reports interim results of regional network reform

    VTB’s regional network reform, which was launched last year, is designed to improve the quality of customer service and maximise the focus of regional points of sale in order to grow their business . To this end the bank is converting a section of its branches ...

  • 23
    VTB streamlines its regional network and appoints a new General Manager in Tatarstan

    VTB Bank continues streamlining its regional network in order to enhance performance of its branches and offer VTB customers leading-edge and sophisticated banking products. In light of this, VTB places a special focus on building a strong team of branches’ general managers attracting ...

  • 30
    VTB opens operations support office in Voronezh

    VTB on 24 July opened one of three planned operations support offices in Voronezh as part of a reform of its regional network aimed at centralising back-office functions and implementing new accounting technology to improve customer service. The office provides transaction banking services for VTB branches in the Central, Southern and North Caucasus federal ...

  • 22
    VTB Bank introduces Electronic Folder system

    VTB Bank has completed the installation of the Electronic Folder automated system of centralised storage of clients’ documents as part of its regional network reform. A fresh glance at the possibilities of ABBYY FlexiCapture data capture and document processing software by Russian company ABBYY allowed the bank to considerably improve the efficiency of its business procedures, primarily by ...

  • 11
    VTB expands cooperation with Sakhalin Region

    VTB Bank has won the open tenders held by the government of the Sakhalin Region in December 2012 for the right to sign state contracts on the provision of loans to finance the Far Eastern region’s budget deficit. VTB won five lots, for the total sum of RUB 4.25 billion. The funds will be channelled to finance the priority budget expenditures of the Sakhalin Region to maintain social stability. “VTB traditionally cooperates with the governments of Russian regions and municipal authorities to assist...

  • 27
    VTB to act as general agent in placement of 2012 Sverdlovsk Region government bonds

    VTB Bank will be the general agent and technical underwriter for the placement of government bonds of the Sverdlovsk Region for a total nominal value of RUB 3 billion, with time to maturity at 1825 days, fixed coupon profit and debt amortisation (State Reg. No. RU34002SVS0). In accordance with the Sverdlovsk Regional Government’s resolution to issue government bonds with fixed coupon profit and debt amortisation, the Ministry of Finance of the Sverdlovsk Region (“The Issuer”) has announced that purchase...

  • 12
    VTB appoints general manager of its Stavropol Branch

    Viktor Kuzmenko has been appointed head of the Stavropol Branch of VTB Bank. Senior Vice President Chaba Zentai, head of the Regional Network Department at VTB, introduced the new general manager to the bank employees. The appointment was made as part of a wider policy aimed at improving the efficiency of VTB Bank’s regional branches. The bank is reorganising its regional ...

  • 14
    VTB to lend to Orel region

    VTB Bank has won two open tenders to provide loans to the Orel Region government to finance the regional budget deficit. Under the agreements, VTB Bank will grant the regional government loans totaling RUB 1 billion. The funds will be channeled to finance high priority regional budget spending to support social stability in the region.         « VTB’s success in these tenders is a serious step in strengthening our partnership with the Orel Region administration. » Valery Lukyanenko, Member of VTB...

  • 21
    Russian oils: ban on using light oil products tanks postponed

    According to Vedomosti, the Federal Transport Control agency has cancelled the ban on using tanks design for light oil products for transporting crude oil and dark oil products. The paper did not report the date when this regulation might be implemented again. Previously, oil companies had asked to postpone it until August 2012. We do not expect this new regulation to have any notable effect on oil companies’ operations. Given the significant dependence of both the refineries in the Russian Far...

  • 13
    Gurinder Nihal:“Transaction banking should be the lifeline of all banking”

    Gurinder Nihal VTB Bank, Russia’s second largest bank, last year decided to make transaction business a separate business line, Global Transaction Banking, and invited Gurinder Nihal, a former Royal Bank of Scotland and Citibank top manager, to develop it. Gurinder Nihal, VTB Senior Vice President, told RBC Daily about VTB’s achievements in the transaction business and its further development. “Any business depends on people who create it and then develop” VTB Bank, Russia’s second largest...

  • 29
    VTB Bank to appoint Novosibirsk Branch new manager

    Alexander Veselkov has been appointed as VTB Bank Branch Manager in Novosibirsk. Chaba Zentai, Head of Regional Network Department - Senior Vice President of VTB Bank has introduced the new Branch Manager to the bank’s employees. The appointment has been made as part of the work aimed at enhancing efficiency of VTB Bank branches. The bank’s business ...

  • 15
    VTB Bank holds shareholders’ meeting in Yekaterinburg

    On 14 March, 2012 VTB Bank held a workshop meeting with its minority shareholders in Yekaterinburg, which became the second meeting of this kind held in the Sverdlovsk region, while the last similar event was held in October 2010. The primary objective of the meeting’ was to enhance shareholders awareness of VTB Group ’s activity and VTB Bank’s shares. About 200 shareholders, residents of the region, attended the meeting. Representatives of VTB Bank and its subsidiary VTB24 addressed the shareholders...

  • 2
    VTB continues cooperation with Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association

    In December 2011, VTB Bank issued bank guarantees totaling RUB 391,839,284 to JSC “Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association named after V. P. Chkalov” (NAPO) through its Novosibirsk branch. The guarantees were issued to secure the proper execution of the state contracts for manufacturing and supplying equipment and spare parts for the operation of SU-34 aircraft. According to Valery Lukyanenko, a member of VTB Bank Management Board, “The demand for VTB Bank guarantees as a universal tool aimed...

  • 18
    VTB introduces newly appointed General Manager of VTB Branch in Samara

    On 18 January 2012, Chaba Zentai, Head of Regional Network Department – Senior Vice President, visited JSC VTB Bank Branch in Samara to introduce the newly appointed General Manager of the Branch. The appointment is made in line with enhancing the performance of VTB branches. VTB Bank Strategy ...

  • 13
    VTB Bank, JSC Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems sign loan agreement

    Krasnoyarsk branch of VTB Bank and JSC Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems have signed a RUB 1.5 billion framework multicurrency loan agreement. This banking product, being unique for the Krasnoyarsk financial market, will let the company make tranches in the required currency for various terms, depending on its actual needs during the overall validity period of one single contract. The main goal of the agreement, whose validity period totals two years, is to back ISS’ current...

  • 23
    VTB to participate in construction of Western High-Speed Diameter highway

    On December 23, 2011, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took part in signing the agreement on the construction and maintenance of the Western High-Speed Diameter (“WHSD”) highway in St. Petersburg under a private-public partnership (“PPP”). The agreement was signed by Saint Petersburg Mayor Georgy Poltavchenko, Andrey Kostin , VTB Bank President and Chairman of the Management Board,  and Andrey Akimov, Gazprombank Chairman of the Management Board. Construction and maintenance of the Western...

  • 22
    VTB battles illegal actions among its ranks

    Information message  In July 2010, at the iniative of  VTB  representatives, law enforcement agencies commenced criminal proceedings against Kursk Construction Company, which had misappropriated the Bank's funds. Upon the investigation, a number of persons involved in such misappropriation were arrested, including Viktor Kulikov, former general manager of VTB Kursk branch. On 20 December 2011, the court placed Viktor Kulikov in pre-trial detention. The Bank emphasizes that it will continue to...

  • 15
    VTB enhances cooperation with the Novgorod Region

    VTB Bank North-West Regional Center has entered into a contract with the Novgorod Region Administration to provide RUB 700 million credit facilities for eighteen months. The funds are to be used to cover budget deficit of the Novgorod Region. JSC VTB Bank has maintained close cooperation with enterprises and municipal institutions of the Novgorod Region. This February, the Bank and the Novgorod Region Administration signed a Cooperation Agreement aimed at further developing the economic and investment...

  • 12
    VTB appoints new head of JSC VTB Bank Branch in Volgograd

    On 12 December 2011, Chaba Zentai, VTB Bank Senior Vice President, Head of Regional Network Department, paid a working visit to JSC VTB Bank Branch in Volgograd and introduced a new branch General Manager Vladimir Rusaev. The appointment was carried out under increase of VTB branch network performance. The 2010-2013 Bank Development ...

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