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    VTB Group completes merger of TransCreditBank into VTB24

    The merger of TransCreditBank into  VTB24  will be completed on 1 November 2013. VTB24 expects to boost its financial performance by integrating TransCreditBank into its structure. On 1 November 2013, the merged bank’s loan portfolio will grow 10%, while liabilities will increase more ...

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    VTB Bank holds shareholders’ meeting in Yekaterinburg

    ... The primary objective of the meeting’ was to enhance shareholders awareness of VTB Group ’s activity and VTB Bank’s shares. About 200 shareholders, residents of the region, attended the meeting. Representatives of VTB Bank and its subsidiary VTB24 addressed the shareholders and discussed the most urgent issues of VTB Group’s development. Vasily Titov, First Deputy President and Chairman of the Management Board of VTB Bank told the minority shareholders about VTB Group’s financial performance ...

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    VTB Pension Administrator publishes an offer to purchase VTB shares

    VTB Group announces that VTB Pension Administrator has published an offer to purchase JSC VTB Bank (the ‘Bank’)  shares  from the Bank’s shareholders who acquired the Bank’s shares as a result of initial public offering in May 2007 and were the Bank’s shareholders as of 1 February 2012. This offer was published on 2 March 2012 in Rossiiskaya Gazeta . The offer is being made to the owners of the Bank’s ordinary registered shares, both individuals and legal entities. The offer will be valid starting...

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    A.Kostin: “Our task now is to integrate very effectively the acquired businesses into the Group”

    ... strong corporate centre together with the global business units, corporate, investment banking and retail, will help us to create the basis for the future growth. Across all geographies, CIB is now responsible for corporate clients and retail, while VTB24 is responsible for business with individuals and SME clients. This shift from strategic controller model to global bank is necessary in order to deliver the group’s strategy. Innovation and modernisation...Your “Road to 15” strategy addresses ...

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    VTB builds unified ATM network

    VTB Bank cardholders in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and owners of VTB24 cards in Russia have received access to VTB Group ’s unified international ATM network, which currently comprises over 6,000 ATMs. Clients of each of the above-mentioned banks are now able to withdraw cash from VTB and VTB24 ATMs under the ‘home ...

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    VTB's transformation

    ... locations throughout the capital. More recently, VTB has bought the captive banks of the state-owned railway monopoly, TransCreditBank (TCB), followed by the controversial takeover the Bank of Moscow, that together have added 8.5m new customers and made VTB24, the group’s retail arm, the second biggest retail bank in the country. However, the surprise was the blistering growth of VTB24 Private Banking, which was set up two years ago and targets the mega-wealthy. Moos says private bank accounts already ...

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    VTB holds a meeting with Stavropol minority shareholders

    ... 2011, a workshop meeting was held with VTB shareholders in Stavropol. The event, organized in cooperation with the Union of Borrowers and Depositors of Russia, was attended by about 100 shareholders. Representatives of VTB Bank and its subsidiaries, VTB24 and VTB Insurance , as well as Leonid Volkov, member of the Shareholders Consultative Council, spoke to the shareholders. The main discussion topic was the basics of efficient personal finance management in the securities market. Experts delivered ...

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