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General Meeting of Shareholders

The General Meeting of Shareholders is the highest governance body of the Bank. A General Meeting of Shareholders must be held every year, with the exact date to be set by the Supervisory Council.

Matters within the terms of reference of the General Meeting of Shareholders include:

  1. Review and approval of the Bank’s Charter; 
  2. Reorganization of the Bank; 
  3. Liquidation of the Bank, appointment of the Liquidation Committee and approval of the interim and final liquidation balances; 
  4. Determining the number of members to be elected to the Bank’s Supervisory Council, their elections and early removal, decision-making on compensation and remuneration to be paid to the Supervisory Council members for discharging their duties; 
  5. Determining number, nominal value, class (type) of ordinary shares and any rights derived therefrom; 
  6. Increase in the share capital of the Bank by an increase in the nominal value of the shares, by an offering through an public subscription of ordinary shares accounting for over 25 per cent of the outstanding shares, or through a private subscription to additional shares; 
  7. Decrease in the Bank’s share capital by a decrease in the nominal value of the shares, a partial repurchase of shares by the Bank in order to reduce their total number, or by a redemption of shares purchased or re-purchased by the Bank; 
  8. Elections to the Statutory Audit Commission and early termination of its member mandates, decision-making on compensation and remuneration to be paid to the Audit Commission members; 
  9. Approval of the Bank’s independent auditor; 
  10. Approval of annual reports, annual financial statements, including the Bank’s income statements, and distribution of profits and losses for the reporting year, in particular, decision-making on dividend payments, dividend amount and its payment method with respect to shares of every class (type); 
  11. Determining the procedure for holding a General Meeting of Shareholders; 
  12. Elections to the Counting Board and early termination of its member mandates; 
  13. Splitting or consolidation of shares; 
  14. Approval of interested-party transactions as provided in applicable law and the Bank’s Charter; 
  15. Approval of major transactions as provided in applicable law and the Charter of the Bank; 
  16. Purchase by the Bank of outstanding shares as provided by applicable law and the Charter of the Bank; 
  17. Participations in holdings, financial and industrial groups, associations and any other groups of commercial entities; 
  18. Approval of by-laws regulating activities of the Bank’s General Meeting of Shareholders, its Supervisory Council, Management Board and Statutory Audit Commission; 
  19. Placing by a public subscription of eligible issue-grade securities convertible into ordinary shares accounting for over 25 percent of the outstanding ordinary shares;
  20. Decision-making on any other matter as provided for in the Federal Law on Joint-Stock Companies and the Charter of the Bank.

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