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Special room for special children: VTB Bank donates modern equipment to a children's hospital

16 April 2008

On 16 April 2008, in Yekaterinburg, VTB Bank held the next benefit event under its World Without Tears charity program and donated the sensory room equipment to the Special Child rehabilitation hospital.

The sensory room helps doctors improve mental growth of children with neuropathy, develop cognitive skills of children with psychoneurological abnormalities, and speech skills of children with hearing and speech disturbance, etc. Training classes in such sensory rooms reduce neurotic reaction and correct motor skills. The equipment includes a dry swimming pool, interactive panels, light projectors, mirror panels, specialized armchairs and so on.

Under the World Without Tears program, a press conference was held in the hospital to discuss issues of developing healthcare institutions in the region and enhancing the role of major national companies in supporting children's healthcare. Among the attendees were Olga Dergunova, VTB Board Member; Andrey Kiselev, VTB Senior Vice President; Alexander Paramonov, VTB Branch Director in Yekaterinburg; Vladimir Klimin, Healthcare Minister in the Sverdlovsk region, and Pavel Bukharev, Chief Medical Officer in the Special Child hospital.


According to Olga Dergunova, VTB Board Member, "A key task of VTB charity program is to support disadvantaged population groups, in particular, orphans and handicapped children. Our World Without Tears charity program has a systematic, long-term and targeted character and is aimed at supporting healthcare institutions for children. We render regular assistance to orphan homes, hospitals, and allocate significant funds for educational programs".  

VTB's choice to support this hospital in Yekaterinburg was underpinned by its present important role in the healthcare system of the whole region. With a proper support, the hospital will be able to fulfill its potential.   

For reference:

World Without Tears is a long-term charity program held by VTB Bank. Under the program since 2004, the Bank has been giving financial targeted support to healthcare institutions for children, in particular, Russian children's research clinic, Moscow regional children's psychoneurological hospital, Morozov children's municipal research clinic, and N. Filatov children's municipal research clinic No. 13. This year, the program went beyond the Moscow and St. Petersburg regions to reach Yekaterinburg.      

The Special Child hospital was established in 1991. It renders qualified assistance to handicapped children with cerebral palsy and other paralytic syndromes. Annually, about 2500 children get medical care in the hospital, 1600 of them are outpatients. The hospital takes children both from the Sverdlovsk region, and from other Russian regions, in particular, the Tyumen Region, the Perm Region and the Kurgan Region.
Medical staff is also engaged in preventive treatment of disabled children with strong neurologic pathology. For successful treatment of these diseases the specialists have both a wide diagnostic base and modern technological equipment, supplemented by a modern complex for the sensory room.

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