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The Annual Vneshtorgbank Games has just taken place

20 September 2004

On 11 September 2004 in the "October" training-sport-leisure complex, the Vneshtorgbank Games took place for the second year running.

In the Games, which are held every year, there were competitions in nine different events: swimming, athletics, volleyball, football, basketball, shooting, chess, tennis and darts.

At this large-scale event, just as in the first VTB Olympics, workers from all the Moscow and regional Vneshtorgbank departments took part.  Before the finals of the Games there were regional knock-out rounds; the results were used to draw up a list of participants in the finals of individual events and determine the make-up of the teams of federal zones in volleyball, basketball, and football.  Altogether the Games attracted more than 500 participants, making up 47 teams.  Vneshecombank, with whom Vneshtorgbank has enjoyed sound friendly relations with for a long time, took part for the first time.  Their relations are now being developed even further not only in business, but also in informal meetings such as this.

Guests gathered for the ceremonial opening of the Games which took place at 10am. ong those who addressed the guests and participants of the Games were Valery Shantsev, the vice-mayor of Moscow, and Gennady Soldatenkov, the deputy president-chairman of the Board of Vneshtorgbank, who noted that "the Games are an important and eagerly awaited event in Vneshtorgbank`s life.  They are aimed at the further development of the corporate culture of the workers and promoting regular participation in sport and exercise."

At the Games, just as last year, a football match took place between the Vneshtorgbank and Moscow Government teams.  The match was held as part of the tenth anniversary tournament of the Moscow Government Cup with the participation of the many-time-winners Vneshtorgbank.  Despite the territorial advantage of the Vneshtorgbank sportsmen, they only managed to break through the Moscow Government`s defence once.    The Moscow Government team through counterattacking managed to score from a penalty kick each half and walked away with a 2:1 victory.

The traditional tournament for the Vneshtorgbank Tennis Cup also took place at the Games; the winners of which, most notably, were the Chairman of the Board of Guta-Bank, Mikhail Kuzovlev and the Deputy Chairman of Vneshtorgbank, Sergei Storchak.

 The prizes for the winners of the Games in individual events were presented by eminent sportsmen such as: Alexander Vinogradov - twice Olympic rowing champion, Galina Prozumenshchikova - the Olympic swimming champion, Alexander Bolyshev - the Olympic basketball champion, Svetlana Fedorova - the twice Olympic table tennis champion, and Nina Smoleva - the twice Olympic volleyball champion.  The prizes for the winners of the volleyball tournament were presented by the First Vice President of the All-Russian Volleyball Federation, Valentin Zhukov and the Captain of the Russian National Volleyball Team, Vadim Khamutskikh.

The overall winner was the Central and Federal Region Team; and for individual divisions the winners were Vyborg and St. Petersburg.

The successful holding of the Games, which is a real celebration of sport, a pleasure for so many spectators and participants by the creative teams, by entertainment and sporting competitions, has become a new supporter for bringing together the Vneshtorgbank workforce and served to increase the number of different aspects of healthy livingong the Vneshtorgbank workers.

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