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17 August 2004

The formation of the open share investment funds - "ATON Shares Fund" and "ATON Savings Fund", has been completed under the control of the managing company "ATON-Management". Vneshtorgbank is carrying out specialized depository functions, registering owners` investment shares, and is also the agent for the distribution, repayment and exchange of investment shares; in VTB settlement accounts of specified funds are open. The successful cooperation between the two leading Russian financial institutions in this project will allow clients to be granted services connected to the allocation of financial assets at a new qualitative level, and strengthen the leading positions of Vneshtorgbank and the managing company "ATON-Management" in these areas.

The allocation of the shares of the "ATON Shares Fund" and "ATON Savings Fund" began 19 July 2004. The formation of funds was finished ahead of schedule within half a month - the allotted legislative period had been set at three months. There were three legal and 20 private individual shareholders of funds during the formation.

SIF shares of the "ATON Shares Fund" (Rules of confidential management are registered FSFR Russia № 0231-72804033 from 7.07.2004, generated 3 August 2004) are focused on those who have managed to value the prospects and opportunities of the developing share market inRussia.

Open SIF mixed investments of the "ATON Savings Fund" (Rules of confidential management are registered FFMS Russia № 0230-7280403957 from 7.07.2004, generated 6 August 2004) are focused on those who prefer a more conservative way of allocating their means.

The managing company "ATON-Management " provides services in the confidential management of shares of private and legal individuals, and also shares of institutional investors; it has all the necessary licenses for the legal management of shares of non-state pension funds and the confidential management on the securities market (in particular, the license FCSM of the Russian Federation on carrying out activities on the management of investment funds, share investment funds and the non-state pension funds № 21-000-1-00047 from 28.02.2001).

NAUFOR carries the "ATON-Management" to the companies with the maximum degree of reliability. As of 1.07.2004 the company controlled about 3.5 billion roubles.

Vneshtorgbank is the largest bank in Russia . Its authorized capital totals 42.1 billion roubles. As of 1 July 2004, Vneshtorgbank`s own funds totaled 64.4 billion roubles, and net shares - 305.1 billion roubles. The basic shareholder of 99.9% of VTB`s shares is the Government of the Russian Federation .

Licenses of Vneshtorgbank:

  • The general license of the Bank of Russia № 1000;
  • FCSM Licenses of Russia from 25 March 2003 on carrying out: depository activities № 177-06497-000100, broker activities № 177-06492-100000, dealer activities № 177-06493-010000, activities on the management of stock № 177-06496-001000;
  • License FCSM of Russia № 22-000-0-00011 from 4 October 2000 on carrying out activities on the specialized depository investment funds, share investment funds and the non-state pension funds.

Vneshtorgbank has more than 10 years of depository experience and provides services in all kinds of state and corporate stocks. VTB carries out a wide range of services for managing companies SIF.

Depositories of Vneshtorgbank correspond to the requirements of Rules 17f-5 and 17f-7 of the Investment Company Act of the Commission for securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC). The company Ernst and Young has confirmed the conformity of the depository procedure activities of Vneshtorgbank to auditor standards SAS-70. VTB Great Britain, confirming the provision of depository services to Russian and foreign clients at an international level is the first and unique Russian bank which has international Depository rating of the company Thomas Murray.

Vneshtorgbank has a wide network of branches, affiliated and associated banks located in the most important and perspective economic regions of Russia and abroad. Now the reception of applications of clients on distribution, repayment and an exchange shares the specified funds is carried out by following additional offices Vneshtorgbanka:

  • Additional office № 3 "Kuznetsky Bridge", address: 4/3 Kuznetsky Bridge, Moscow, tel.: (7 095) 783-19-60;
  • Additional office № 8 "Arbatsky", address: 4 Malaya Molchanovka Street, Moscow , tel: (7 095) 775-53-57.

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