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Andrey Kostin: "World's politicians should be on same side"


Andrey Kostin:

Interconnectedness is part of everyday modern life. We think nothing of, for example, an American company designing its products in California, assembling them in China, and launching sales simultaneously in 100 countries or more. Russia has benefited from the increased integration of national economies and markets that has made all of this global cooperation possible — and essential. And like other major global economies, Russia — the world’s eighth largest — will continue to deepen its integration into these global processes.

Yet while the idea of globalization as a force for good is apparently widely accepted in the economics and business spheres — not least in my own area of expertise, banking and finance — it sometimes seems that politicians of countries that ought to have much in common are at risk of drifting further and further apart.

Read the full article at CNN.


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