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Corporate Banking

Services to corporate customers have been underpinning VTB Group business throughout its history. Corporate investment business is the main segment of the Russian banking market and a key line of the Group’s activities.

The Bank has strong positions in the largest segments of corporate investment banking services. Under its 2010–2013 strategy, VTB plans to maintain significant business growth potential and achieve its target performance indicators (ROE of at least 15%).

VTB Group has been successful in competition with Russian and international players for servicing major corporations. Our presence in various financial segments allows us to offer comprehensive and sophisticated solutions to our customers.

Our services to large corporate customers are based on industry specialisation. We thoroughly research the structure of each economy segment, its key players, trends and requirements. This approach enables us to enhance and optimise our terms of service, as well as to maintain a single credit, interest and fee policy.

  • VTB Leasing
  • VTB Insurance
  • VTB Factoring
  • VTB Pension Fund
  • VTB Leasing

    VTB Leasing

    JSC VTB Leasing was established in 2002. JSC VTB Bank holds 100% of the company's stock.

    VTB Leasing is a leader in the leasing market with strong positions in its key segments. The most important objective of VTB Group leasing operations is to grow its business and diversify its customer, industry and regional structures.

    The company offers a wide range of leasing services to large and medium-sized companies, including leasing of production facilities, automotive and special vehicles, computer, office, retail equipment and real estate.

  • VTB Insurance

    VTB Insurance

    The company has been in the market since 2000. Its sole shareholder is JSC VTB Bank. 

    The VTB Insurance business is mostly concentrated in the bank assurance segment, where the company is one of the market leaders (according to experts, it is one of the Top 10 companies in the segment). VTB Insurance provides a broad range of services for individuals and corporate customers, offering a number of comprehensive banking insurance products.

  • VTB Factoring

    VTB Factoring

    VTB Factoring, subsidiary of VTB Bank, provides factoring services since 2009. Since 2011 VTB Factoring is the market leader in all key indicators. Mission of VTB Factoring is to bring new technological ideas into factoring business and make financing comfortable and available for the clients. VTB Factoring has its offices in 17 largest cities of Russia and attracts clients for factoring services through branches of VTB Bank. VTB Factoring is a member of the largest international factoring association IFGroup and Association of factoring companies (Russian Federation).

    Individual approach to the clients and ability to adapt the products for the needs of clients enable the successful growth of the Company. Due to such approach on the present moment the largest trading and industry companies of Russia are the clients of VTB Factoring. In 2013, VTB Factoring showed impressive results: we could keep and strengthen the position of VTB Group in the Russian factoring market with the share of about 30%. For two consecutive years, VTB Factoring has been the absolute leader of the market with the turnover of 2 trillion rubles.

    In 2014, VTB Factoring will face much more challenging tasks, among which we particularly emphasize further strengthening of leading positions of our Company in the market. Next year VTB Factoring is planning to overcome a psychological level of 100 billion rubles portfolio, more than 500 billion of turnover and to increase its market share by means of introducing factoring into business processes of the biggest companies of the Russian economy.

  • VTB Pension Fund

    VTB Pension Fund

    VTB Pension Fund is a subsidiary of JSC VTB Bank. Registered in 1994, the company started active operations in 2009. Its main founder is JSC VTB Bank.

    VTB Pension Fund offers its corporate customers a full range of services related to compulsory pension insurance and non-state pension coverage of employees, and development and implementation of corporate pension programs. The main objective of such joint projects is to provide all employees of the partner with complete information on the current pension system, and to offer each of them simple solutions for accumulating their own pension capital and options for increasing their future pension.

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